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An Exposé Of Hidden Occult Forces
Copyright 1984 by Ben G. Hester

Reproduced by permission

Opinions on the topic of dowsing (also known as water witching) are as varied within the Adventist church as they are in the larger Christian community.  Examples of various opinions include: 1) it is nothing more than mere fakery, 2) it is a natural skill based on natural laws that some have and others don't but can learn if they wish, 3) it is natural "gift" which is transferable rather than taught, 4) it is a method by which God can communicate with us, 5) it is communication of an occult nature.

The author, the late Ben Hester, had more of a scientific bent than a theological one, and held to option #2 above until he, at the urging of two  friends,  researched the subject very thoroughly.  This book is part of the results of that research.  Here is the description  that Ben wrote himself for the back cover of the book.

"This is the first in-depth investigation of dowsing examining all known possibilities. The history of dowsing reveals horror stories that today's TV can't top. The "HOWS" and "WHYS" of dowsing are contradictory and opinionated, yet more and more people are learning to practice it without a single question. Everyone seems to desire the Aladdin's lamp of some supernatural power. Why not? What could be wrong with it? How do you know it is not a yet-to-be-discovered scientific phenomenon?

"Hester, with two researchers spent eight years asking just such questions and collecting the answers. These pages contain the history, the methods (old and new), the many explanations, and the results of field interviews with dowsers, well drillers and well owners. The answers they found were shocking.

"When all the theories were compared, all the opinions evaluated, and all the contradictions considered, the ancient biblical condemnation of "DIVINATION" began to make sense. In fact the biblical description of dowsing, the death penalty imposed for practicing it, and the exposing of its power source is the only reasonable consideration to be found. It is the only explanation avoided in all dowsing literature."

Table of Contents

A short history of dowsing omitting the many failures, tangents, mistaken ideas et cetera, but including salient facts that point up its effect on the world and the development toward what it is today.

CHAPTER II — Part 133
CHAPTER II — Part 258

Modern dowsing, enumerating the many different theories, the knowns and unknowns, and the contradiction of claims and facts.


An attempt to objectively summarize a very subjective phenomenon.


"FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY" as a courtesy to the non-Christian who wishes to avoid the conservative Christian interpretation of dowsing and the power source behind it. This viewpoint is offered without apology since it is reasonably the best explanation of dowsing, by comparison, so far.


Titled PERSPECTIVE, is a look at the up-to-date occult world, what we really face in spite of its false front, what it will demand of us, and what it intends to do. This view is the only way the seemingly small step of dowsing as an introduction to the world of the occult can be seen in true perspective. Chapter ends with a few words of help for the one caught in the occult and desiring escape.


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