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DOWSINGby Ben G. Hester

Chapter V


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A careful examination of the claims of dowsing as a truly physical phenomenon has shown no basis in fact. This same examination has also shown inconsistencies, contradictions and gross undependability in whatever new classification it might fall. These characteristics make absolutely no sense when considered in an effort to ascertain the "why" of dowsing, and yet since they are a part of a factual phenomenon, they have to. Then, if one takes the step of looking at it in the light of the occult only, it suddenly does make sense. Of course the occult itself is a snake-pit of contradictions, but the characteristics are all the same. Even the modern dowsing writer has unwittingly placed it there also, when he demands so bitterly that science stop classing it as such and allow it to belong to the scientific

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'unknowns.' Since science of this late twentieth century has entered the vast unknown of the discovery that everything is energy, they demand that scientific unknowns and occult unknowns be equated—and without the usual process of comparison and experimentation.

The Science of the Occult

Therefore, before we finish with dowsing we must take a wider view of the classification of the occult to get a better understanding of how dowsing fits, and the why and when. The easiest method of examination is to look at a closely related and more overtly occult phenomenon to start the perspective. This is the UFO and the UFOnaut, which is closely related only in that the two phenomena continually overlap. Then a look at the present-day occult world; its beliefs and plans for a world takeover will be seen as identical. This is not ranging far afield, but is a view of the whole, of which dowsing is no small part.

First, however, we would return to earth's science versus occult science to see if there can be any possible comparison. We see four characteristics of earth's science which we choose arbitrarily to find some basis for comparison. Today's scientific investigators consider legitimate only those phenomena that are:

  1. Consistently repeatable.

  2. Not self destructive.

  3. Not destructive to our known reality.

  4. Able to fit, in a working sense, into all proven phenomena.

Applying these characteristics to what is known

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about occult phenomena, we find unqualified contradictions, with an added one or two that really shows the impossibility of equating anything in the occult with earth science. Occult science is:

  1. Not consistent. Not only all elements of the occult represent differently to different investigators, the seemingly established phenomena fail to react consistently.
  2. Self destructive. The well known sudden abandonment by occult power source of the devotee at critical moments, exposing him or her to ridicule, shame and failure, destroys all credibility. The whole phenomenon is self defeating.
  3. Over-rides our proven laws of physics and is positively destructive to our known reality.
  4. Impossible to fit into the proven phenomena of this planet.
  5. Intelligent! This must never be forgotten.
  6. Amoral. There is no need to belabor this point. It is evident in the entire picture of the occult.

The Biblical Basis For the Charge of "Hoax"

We have submitted the opinion that the occult is a gigantic Satanic hoax, obviously aimed at the destruction of mankind. There are two biblical statements one must remember if a clear understanding is to be reached. They are both in Genesis (although that is not the only reference) and they are both a part of the first Satanic hoax perpetrated on mankind. ". . . you shall be as gods . . ." has never been abandoned by the occult. It came to Eve in an occult manner (there is not the least hint in the story of creation that any creature except mankind had the

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power of speech) and it has never ceased to be a part of the occult 'song and dance.' It is illustrated in all present-day occult literature, "the God within you," "the Christ within you," and the liturgy for the individual, "I am All!" The second is a Satanic promise, ". . . You shall not surely die. . ." Reincarnation is the second chief teaching of the occult today. This belief has taken some sickening twists. An internationally known mystic from India stated that it was a greater mistake to kill an ant than a man, because a man would live on and on, while an ant, once killed was destroyed forever. At the time reincarnation was introduced to man's thinking, there was no belief in an afterlife. It must have had a tremendous impact on hopeless mankind at that time. It still has from the standpoint of no demands of self restraint or repentance. In fact it would seem to behoove mankind not to strive too hard to overcome Karma since the beautiful endpoint of the reincarnation theory is Nirvana or nothingness!

The "knowledge of good and evil" and eventual death is what mankind bought at the price of alienation from God. Yet this very action, with its catastrophic results is hailed by the occult as a beautiful happening, a "necessity in the evolution of man." It is forbidden in occult teaching to condemn "sin" since it is touted as necessary to growth, with Satan, called by his former name, Lucifer, revered as the leader in this growth process. The more one learns about the occult, the more clearly one understands the charge of 'hoax,' and the more sane is the charge of non-religious writers that the UFO, UFOnaut phenomenon is a hoax.

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Dowsing and the UFO

Talking to dowsers and reading the literature reveals a rather surprising connection between dowsing and the UFO. We have referred to it only in passing, as it appeared in the dowsing picture. We tried not to emphasize it because it appeared too subjective and would seem to cloud the understanding of dowsing without much explanation. Now is the time for that explanation. We did point out that dowsers claim to have found that "psychotronic energy" (a non-scientific energy) is the power source of the UFO as well as dowsing. We did not tell of the experience of dowsing the UFO and its occupants.

To get this explanation it is necessary to look at the parallels in the two phenomena and compare characteristics. The first, of course, is the seeming identical power source. Then there is the intelligence of the power source, the teachings and desire to teach exhibited. There is the lying and trickery and the supernormal entities involved. Finally, there is the predicting of the future. These are all underlying characteristics, particularly important parallels.

Three Sources of UFO Information

It is almost as difficult to choose from UFO literature as it is from that of dowsing. The fringe writers and those making science fiction out of it must be ruled out. There are three classes of writers from whom we can get a fair overall picture. First is the reporter. He must have a reputation of integrity and he must give details of the actual happenings without withholding any unpleasant details for the sake of pretty writing. If he makes any conclusions

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they must be logical and reasonable from the standpoint of our accepted culture and science. The second is the self-styled scientific writer who reflects the present popular belief. The third is a writer who recognizes the possibility of the hoax from a Christian standpoint.

Objective UFO Reporting

The first reporter is John A. Keel, a respected, objective and careful investigator. He stated in 1975:1

"My long and extensive excursions into the borderland where the real and the unreal merge have failed to produce any evidence of any kind to support the idea that we are entertaining shy strangers from some other galaxy. Rather, I have come to realize that we have been observing complex forces which have always been an essential part of our immediate environment. Instead of thinking in terms of extra-terrestrials I have adopted the concept of ultra-terrestrials—beings and forces which coexist with us but are on another time frame; that is, they operate outside the limits of our space-time continuum yet have the ability to cross over into our reality. This other world is not a place, however, as Mars or Andromeda are places, but is a state of energy."

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This description reads exactly like the biblical description of spirit entities, yet Keel's writing contains no religious connotation. Then Keel continues in the same book to report on the 1967 UFO flap in West Virginia which left the inhabitants traumatized for life. The book was titled The Mothman Prophecies because of the appearance of gigantic, black-clothed UFOnauts with enormous black "wings" that did not move when they flew. These monsters terrified the countryside during that time. One of the UFOnauts predicted the destruction of the "silver bridge" across the river at Point Pleasant, as we mentioned before, and it did collapse a few weeks before Christmas of that year killing scores of Christmas shoppers on their way home. This climaxed months of UFO and UFOnaut contacts that read like a snake-pit of insanity. A sighting or contact would often be followed up by a visit from men in black (generally referred to as MIBs) who were sometimes Oriental in appearance, often drove a large black car such as a Cadillac, and who warned the contactee to tell no one of the incident. This warning often contained veiled threats. The MIBs also appeared to be strangers not only to the area but to our culture and habits. They were completely frightening. They always disappeared after the warnings. No more confusing and fearful circumstance to traumatize could be devised.

The people in the entire area were terrorized by the UFOnaut's inhuman actions, aspect, odor, demands, contradictions and sadistic treatment of animals. Their avid interest in the sex life of humans, their preoccupation with blood, and the seemingly

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senseless dissection of animals labelled them as insanely evil. Keel lived with the people at Point Pleasant, walked the countryside, interviewed the contactees, got firsthand information from the Sheriff's office and the newspaper editor. The picture he drew of the situation there was firsthand witnessed.

Another writer in the same vein is Dr. Jacques Vallee, an astrophysicist, and holder of a doctorate in computer science. He is one of the leading UFO authorities in the world. From his mathematical calculations and statistics gathered from reportings, he shows that it is inconceivable that sightings of the UFOs could represent contacts with extra-terrestrials who were here to examine us and our planet. From actual reported sightings he projects the probable actual landings or close encounters that would occur had the UFOs not chosen to appear in sparsely populated areas. This, with the widely different types, sizes and dress of the UFOnauts seen, renders the idea of space aliens ridiculous. He states that there has to be another reason, and the only logical one is that they are staged for a purpose!

He enumerates a sickening list of contactee actions after the contact, which includes an insane religious fervor, changed personalities, and the belief in a mandate to kill persons doing legitimate UFO research. He concludes that the UFO-UFOnaut behavior is nothing less than a concerted effort to "force a global behavioral change." He states his belief that it is truly a hoax toward this end. Early in the experience of sightings a pseudo-religious cult began to form, based on the pronouncements purportedly made by the UFOnauts.

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Along with this began the appearance of facts showing the UFOs to be something else than scientific. These factors, Dr. Vallee points out, provided the perfect makings of a dangerous following. If science had just recognized the phenomenon, indicating curiosity, and perhaps the intention of examination, the teeth of this new development would have been pulled. However it did not. Consequently the rapidly growing cult, made up of many, not too dissimilar beliefs, is divorced from our science, our reality, our social standards, and all of our beliefs. (Where have we heard this before?) He points out that it has all the potential of violence against all of our conventions, and our persons, because not only has their code of behavior changed, these UFO followers show themselves as taking everything they are told as the absolute truth.2 Again, we note that there is no religious connotation in Dr. Vallee's writing.

The third reporter (who would probably not class himself as such) is Dr. Harley D. Rutledge who has made an incredibly detailed record of sightings and some interesting case histories.3 We include his report of a sighting because its detailed, authenticated contradiction of our reality is a look into occult science.

A truck driver claimed he was struck in the face by a ball of fire shot from a pursuing UFO. His wife was with him and witnessed it. He had stuck his head out

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of the truck cab to look at the beam of light shining on the tandem of his rig from a turnip-shaped UFO that had been following him. "A flash like a ball of fire" suddenly hit him in the face. He screamed that he couldn't see and slammed on his brakes, stopping in the middle of the highway. His glasses fell off, the frames partially melted, and one lens dropped from the frame. His wife drove the truck to where he could be taken to a hospital. There, the examining ophthalmologist could find no evidence of blindness, burns, or other injuries to his eyes. The glasses, when examined, showed no evidence of radioactivity. No unseen residue was found on them. The frames were pitted by the bubbles that had burst during the heating. The lenses showed no evidence of damage.

The spot on the highway where it had happened was examined and there appeared to be the remains of a road flare there. A flare was purchased and a pair of similar test frames. The flare was held about six inches from the frames for several seconds, and a similar bubbling of the plastic as seen on the originals, occurred. Obviously, no one could have survived that intense heat on his face, but as was noted, this man's face was not injured.

Either the ray that hit him was visible or the air had been heated to luminescence by its passage. It could not have been microwave radiation as the glasses would have remained unaffected while the flesh, bones and eyes would have been destroyed by that intensity. The logical conclusion was that it must have been a hoax, for it was a perfect example of either an impossibility, or the abrogation of our

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physical laws by the force. However, the authorities did not consider it a hoax, for the man was allowed to file for Workman's Compensation and medical expenses. It was ruled that he had been injured on the job. The insurance company argued in court that it was "an act of God." The judge over-ruled this and set the trial date. It was settled out of court.

This circumstance of burning without heat is well known in the occult. In the phenomenon of a human being bursting into spontaneous flame and being consumed by a fire that has no heat, items of clothing will be left unsinged, or maybe one piece of clothing being consumed while something touching it is left unmarked. This is not of our science, since it requires 3000 degrees Fahrenheit to consume a human body.4

Dr. Rutledge adds another bit of unusual information. He points out that there is evidence that a UFO has a definite reaction with the environment where it lands. He quotes from An Analysis of Soil Samples Collected at a Reported UFO Landing Site in Southeast Missouri—A Project Report dated March 1976, by John W. Wilson. "Effects on soil may include the destruction of organic materials, loss of more volatile elements of the soil, residual radioactivity, and magnetism, possible recrystallization of minerals present in the soil, and introduction of foreign materials in solid or liquid form."

Dr. Rutledge's conclusion about the possible

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purpose of the UFO is curiously close to that of Dr. Vallee. "Without a doubt, our research has established that there is a UFO phenomenon, and we have conjectured about the nature of the intelligence behind the capricious UFOs. I suspect that their game is to gradually create a general acceptance by repeated appearances. More UFO flaps will occur from location to location winning 'converts.' More people will believe in UFOs." It is obvious from the contents of the book, that Dr. Rutledge's experience with the phenomenon was primarily in recording sky sightings. His conclusion cited above reflects his lack of close contact with either the UFO or the UFOnaut. We would observe that his term, "winning converts" is a colossal understatement—unless fear is a powerful force in winning a convert.

The Scientist's View of the UFO

Then, there is what we would arbitrarily class as the philosopher-scientific writer. The thrust of his writing is in direct contradiction to the reporter's. Physicist-mathematician James M. McCampbell is a clear example.5 If what he wrote were all one read on the subject, the belief would be established that the only danger to us from the UFO is our fear of the unknown. McCampbell utilizes everything in UFO literature from the stories of Adamski to the Condon Report. His explanations are all written in understandable layman's language. The non-physicist, non-mathematician reader is given a convincing

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physicist's theory of the design of the UFO and even the propulsion mechanism. He describes the UFOnaut and the operation of the UFO. Just before giving us advice as to how we should go about communicating with the UFOnaut he states, "Very generally, one might say that the UFO people are furtive, seldom display any emotion, and have a kindly, but restrained disposition." If the reader has perused even half of the UFO literature he is left wondering how an author can disregard so many facts.

The second author of this style of writing also ignores the contradictory, seemingly insane actions of the UFOnaut, but it seems more acceptable in this case. Author B. L. Cathie writes from the standpoint of his personal discoveries, and his conclusion is based on this. Cathie is a commercial airlines pilot and self-styled "amateur physicist." A native of New Zealand, he seems to have won the ear of his government as well as the respect of his country's armed forces. However, his theory based on his observations is so unusual it is difficult to assimilate.

Sometime before 1968, Pilot Cathie began to notice that his own sightings during his flights, and the sightings of other pilots were forming a pattern. This pattern was one of straight lines. Repeatedly, sightings fitted on one of several straight lines in his part of the world. This seemed so consistent that he began to plot them on a map. However, this was not satisfactory and he transferred the plottings to a small globe of the earth. Finally, he graduated to a large globe for more accuracy and he found, to his amazement, that these lines of sightings formed a

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grid. He eventually came to the conclusion that these grid lines were broken in certain locations and that it appeared that there was some specific kind of UFO activity at these spots. He tells in detail of circumstances that led him to conclude there was some kind of repair work going on there. He came to believe that these grid lines were actually lines of force, either emanating from the earth, or perhaps laid down in the past by alien visitors. One of the intersections of his grid lines we noticed was at Stonehenge, England, and it appeared that the grid lines to this intersection laid very close to, if not on two of the "primary ley lines" in that part of England. Referring back to the physical properties of the ley lines claimed by investigators, and the fact that UFO activity has been reported as concentrated over them, one is led to speculate on its meaning, and if Cathie's grid lines are truly earth fractures.

Cathie presents voluminous mathematical calculations ending with an anti-gravity equation which he compares to Einstein's later calculations. He speculates that Einstein may have arrived at this phenomenon, and for some reason never published it, or it has not been clearly understood from his records. However, our point in writing about Cathie is to point out his conclusion about the UFOnaut. He states that they were simply learned alien scientists—no more and no less! If the UFOnaut is truly such a being, then the fanciful theory of other writers could be right. They theorize that these tall, stately blonde aliens started most of the major civilizations on this earth. The actual contact records contradict this possibility.

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The Christian View of the UFO Phenomenon

To all this we would add the conclusions of Christian writers on the subject, after which the evidence of the UFOnaut's "teachings" can be summed up.

The most detailed treatment of the UFO by Christian writers we have found so far is Close Encounters, A Better Explanation by Clifford Wilson and John Weldon.6 They start with a compilation of accepted facts, laying the foundation for an examination of the paraphysical aspects of the UFO. They also deduce that the phenomenon is not extra-terrestrial. Then as they present their material citing authorities, officials, authors, records and reports by the dozen (their bibliography list is 142) quoting incident after incident, they build a damning case of deliberate evil against the UFOnaut. Their conclusion that it is completely occult is unemotional and objective. It is the most objective examination of the UFO phenomenon from a Christian standpoint we have found so far. We found other valuable items in Close Encounters. Anyone interested in a look at the Uri Gellar story from a Christian standpoint will find all the bits and pieces that have appeared in different publications brought together in a coherent manner in the chapter, Uri Gellar and "Extra-terrestrials," along with an examination of Dr. Puharich and Uri Gellar. We also recommend its bibliography to anyone interested in following through a thorough reading on the subject.

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Eric Inglesby, former undersecretary to Lord Mountbatten during World War II also wrote on the subject from a Christian standpoint.7 Inglesby is now an Anglican clergyman, and he became interested in what was then known as "flying saucers" during his military life. He saw evidence of the occult connections from the outset. He became active in UFO research in England and developed his conclusions within the Christian understanding. He states that he saw from the beginning, that a true understanding of the UFO could be reached only by accepting their relationship to the ancient mystery religions.

He found the typical mixture of truth and occult error in the UFOnaut statements. There were three reoccurring pronouncements attributed to the UFOnauts:

  1. We must stop using atomic bombs.
  2. God is a universal and benevolent spirit.
  3. Reincarnation is a fundamental fact of life.

Here again, was enough truth to attract attention, if not to establish acceptance, then the anti-Christian lie slipped in casually as if it belonged there. Inglesby came to the unexpected conclusion we had noted a few times before. The UFOnaut's warnings that almost border on demands concerning the prohibition of nuclear warfare seem to stem from a fear for themselves. It makes us wonder if it could be that a nuclear explosion could be lethal to them if they

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were caught in it, and this may be the "everlasting fire" mentioned in Revelation that will destroy them at the end of time.

We wish to include mention of one more Christian writer on the UFO because of his conclusion.8 In an essay, UFOs are Diabolic, Sidney J. Jansma Sr. examines the evidence that the UFO and the UFOnauts are anti-God. He points out the "virtual bonanza" of parallels to the occult, the mediumism and occult philosophy to be found in the modern writing about them. He listed five common ideas he found in some of the solid research reports by respected UFO investigators:

  1. The UFOs are not extra-terrestrial, but originate on this planet.
  2. UFOs have been with us throughout all of human history.
  3. UFOs and UFOnauts practice evil deception.
  4. UFOs operate on both physical and psychic planes, primarily the latter.
  5. UFOs are one and the same with occult phenomena. Astrology and mediumism are classic examples, and numerous parallels are found in the UFO-contactee phenomenon.

The UFO Hoax

Dr. Jacques Vallee has based his conclusions on a much more detailed examination of the UFO-UFOnaut phenomenon than most investigators.

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Since we are forced to conclude that the UFO is a part of a gigantic occult deception, we find it most significant that Dr. Vallee used the term "Hoax" as the only valid conclusion. The contactee (or true convert) exhibits a blind belief and obedience in and to the UFOnaut's demands. It is also evident that the UFOnaut is a 'teacher,' and that a prelude to this teaching is some sort of brainwashing technique used on the 'victims.' We have been led to believe that a person under hypnosis cannot be coerced to do or say things that are "against his nature." This implies that he will tell the truth and act morally even though instructed to do otherwise under hypnosis—if this is his nature. However, the actions of a contactee indicate something more is involved here, for there is often evidence of a complete personality change as well as a change in moral values. There is even evidence that the act of allowing one's self to be hypnotized exposes the person to the immediate intrusion of this hoaxing power.

At California State University in Long Beach, persons who had no knowledge of UFOs, and were certainly not contactees, were carefully chosen from volunteers, and eight were hypnotized by clinical hypnotist, Dr. William McCall. Seven of the eight were put into a deep trance and told to describe what they saw "as the UFO appeared to them" in their everyday surroundings, "then as they went on board, met the occupants, were examined by them, were given a message, returned to the normal world, and thought about the way in which the sighting affected them." It was obvious that the outline of the abduction story had been given them, but Dr. Vallee

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states that, "The results of the experiment were shattering." These "imaginary abductees" provided "a coherent. intriguing UFO abduction narrative." Dr. Al Lawson, who set up the experiment found that not only were the stories similar to the most classic cases on record, when the transcripts were closely compared with the "real" UFO cases. "the parallels became even more striking." They provided details and descriptions identical to those of real contactees. Dr. Vallee concludes that "many aspects of the experience may originate in the witness's mind."9 We question the validity of this conclusion because of the sameness of the memories in many minds. It is unlikely that these identical details would appear repeatedly unless by some means they were put there by some outside source. This does fit the satanic hoax theory. It also does not prove the unreality of the UFO contact experience, since one obvious intention of the hoax (believed by both religious and non-religious analyzing) is to confuse.

What the UFO Contactee is Taught

Following are nine intentions and results Dr. Vallee finds in the hoax:

  1. The groups of "believers" are exhibiting a "significant power over apparently rational people." They are using this to organize groups that suddenly abandon jobs, families, and former beliefs to seek "real truth."
  2. We are offered survival after death and to being raised to a "higher cosmic level."
  3. Page 178

  4. We are "only instruments" and must be open to the absolute take-over of the extraterrestrial beings. Vallee labelled this "intellectual abdication."
  5. Some of us are "purer" than others because we are actually of extraterrestrial descent. (This is traceable to the belief in the "tall, stately blonde individuals" who were supposed to have guided us in our earlier evolution. These 'purer' ones strangely fit Hitler's 'pure Aryan stock' belief.)
  6. We have no ability to build our own civilizations. The extraterrestrials did it. We can take no credit for our cultures.
  7. To one extent or another, some kind of utopian system will replace our present systems. (Vallee adds, "usually dictatorial in their outlook.")
  8. Abolition of the money system.
  9. We must understand that the extraterrestrial Jesus Christ came to show us the way, and we "Kicked him out." Although he is the Prince of this part of the universe, he will not come to us again.
  10. Melkizedek was an extraterrestrial who first came to Abraham to set him straight on cosmic matters. From this contact, all the religions of the world have sprung. (There still exists The Order of Melkizedek in the occult world.)

NOTE: The findings of this eminently respected secular writer and those of the Christian investigators are not contradictory. They each add details and different bits of information, but they do not contradict. The alien power is agreed upon. It is recognized as Psychotronic energy, not definable or truly measurable by our standards, but recognized

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by the initiates as the power of dowsing, the UFO and all occult (new science) manifestations. In dowsing it is made available to man for his use, and will heal or destroy at the user's will. The UFO manifestation is much more deadly. It kills, and even at a distance burns man and beast comparable to severe sunburn, and the eyes as though exposed to a welder's arc. It disrupts all known electronic devices, interrupts the electrical circuits in an automobile, interferes with photography, television, radio, tape recorders, and has caused brain damage and complete personality changes in humans. It burns trees, bushes and grass at the points of UFO landings. Animals act either as though they were numbed by it or they go into insane panic at its presence, and will not venture on the spot of the landing.

The Purpose of the UFO Hoax

Animal mutilation is a part of the UFO phenomenon also. The only possible reason for this revolting fact that has been thought of so far, is to cause fear and confusion. There is no pattern to the senseless acts. In the first place, the surgery evident in the mutilations is so perfect and precise and improbable, it is seen as being humanly impossible to perform. Perhaps only the blood will be removed without spilling a drop. Certain organs may be removed in a senseless but surgically fantastic way. An eye may be removed by a small incision above the eye socket. The internal sex organs may be removed from a small incision in the rectal area again, bloodless. Sometimes the organs are left

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laying on the carcass. There are never any tracks around the body. Only once in a while some sound may be heard if the mutilation is done close by, such as in a farmyard at night. Sometimes if an animal is killed in an outlying area or an inaccessible place, it will be moved to a spot where it will be found easily and dumped in such a way there is no mistaking the fact that it was moved (wedged between trees, rocks, etc.). There is no way to witness these happenings without concluding they were done for a reason.

The only positive and reasonable answer to the total of all these observable UFO and UFOnaut acts is to be found in the Christian view of the occult. The hoax is a part of a carefully planned take-over attempt of the world—maybe in our time if the occultists can win. The planned take-over is to be seen in the New Age movement, or perhaps a stronger one to follow. Before examining this, a look should be taken at the planned prelude to the takeover attempt. This is a well known phenomenon in individual experience, and is the same with a group. It starts with some kind of not-understood occult manifestation that generates fear. Then as the fear grows to a destroying intensity, a palliative is suddenly offered. This will be another occult manifestation, but so obviously protective—a veritable salvation. It is most often received joyously by the fear-ridden as the only answer. Only after having accepted it and being ensnared beyond escape is it recognized as a trap worse than the first. We will examine closely the New Age movement, for it is the palliative being offered to us right now.

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The Development of the Occult Hoax

Throughout history, occult manifestation has generated fear in the people at large. Perhaps it reached its peak in the "dark ages," but it is rising again. In the twentieth century it has grown with the UFO flaps and the horror movies of the late 70s which increased in their ability to instill fear. Then in the early 80s the movies began to serve stories of unbelievable mass appeal with "extraterrestrials" real and believable. These stories not only make the extraterrestrial a possible "good guy," but lovable—as in E. T. About this time the good things to come out of "The New Age of Aquarius" began to be publicized. This had been some time growing to the point of being a world-wide religion of loosely knit occult groups with one great purpose; to ignore the old (Christianity in the main) and bring in the new (strictly spiritistic, anti-Christian, and totalitarian). However it is covered with honey and the public is being prepared for the marvels and security of a new age.

The Fifth Dimension

It is said that the New Age philosophy has been based on the book Revelation, The Birth of a New Age by David Spangler.10 However, another book predating Revelation by 36 years gives a clear picture of things planned. It is Vera Stanley Alder's Fifth Dimension identified earlier. It is interesting to

Page 182

note in the writings about the New Age-Fifth Dimension that all the main teachings of Christianity are used and cleverly twisted to mean things anti-biblical. Even Jesus the Christ is blasphemously down-graded to a marvelous man who really knew his astrology, lived by it, chose his disciples by it, and taught it.

Vera Alder admits she was given this information while in meditation. She starts by identifying the different dimensions and adds her own, a fifth. She then states that, among other things it is the radiation of all things from the atom to the planets—THE LIFE FORCE. (Remember this theory in modern dowsing.) In 91 pages she lists 24 items about the coming Fifth Dimension which are important to know in their relation to other elements of the occult world. Note the parallels to utterances or teachings of the UFOnauts and the beliefs of the late writers on dowsing:

  1. Evolution and interplanetary life appearance is by atomic transmutation. p. 98.
  2. All men will evolve to a point where they recognize their own divinity, "I am All!" p. 107.
  3. There will be a moneyless society. p. 120.
  4. The increased violence (pain and torment) in the world today are only signs of man's evolving to a point of universal love. p. 130.
  5. The "second coming of Christ" will be the turning to the Christ within us. p. 131.
  6. There will be a world religion. p. 132.
  7. Science will be guided by "occultists, mystics and mediums" who will be called "mind scientists." p. 134.
  8. Page 183

  9. Clairvoyance among ordinary people will develop rapidly. p. 135.
  10. Psychometry will become a serious science. p. 135.
  11. The claim of Ruth Drown that any portion of the anatomy can be photographed from a drop of blood will become commonplace, and everyone will use this method to converse with people at great distances. p. 137.
  12. Medicine and astrology will go hand in hand. p. 149.
  13. Psychokinetics will become a school study. p. 156.
  14. Telepathy will be taught at an early age. It will become difficult to hide thought from anyone. p. 157.
  15. Music will appeal to the mind rather than to the emotions. Ravel's music is a foretaste of this. Wagner's music will live the longest as it portrays cosmic happenings. p. 158.
  16. Reincarnation is a fact. p. 162.
  17. There will be communal living only. p. 164.
  18. Garments will have astrological basis for their color and design. p. 166.
  19. A man's visiting card will be his horoscope. p. 179.
  20. "Sin" is only unbalance. p. 179.
  21. There will be a close communion between the living and the dead. p. 180.
  22. Sex and marriage will take on a startling new aspect. It will be a science of the group. p. 180.
  23. The twelve disciples of Christ represent the twelve signs of the zodiac. p. 185.
  24. Page 184

  25. Choosing of the twelve disciples was the outgrowth of the "deep astrological knowledge" of Christ. p. 186.
  26. Evil is a necessary part of the whole and must be welcomed. p. 189.

It is quite possible that the only reader who will laugh in derision at these 24 items is the Christian who is ignorant of what is happening and happening fast in the world. One only needs to peruse the communications media, from television to the national tabloids to dispel any doubt as to our preoccupation and reverence for the "ancient mysteries" of the world. Inquiry into them reveals most of them as embracing every pagan cult, religion, teaching and belief mankind has ever known. Every one of them have been enemies of the God of Genesis since Satan first devised a false religion. Every one of them is embraced in the New Age teaching.

The New Age

The New Age beliefs are touted as "the new" but they are not at all. Several years ago David Spangler's book Revelation, The Birth of a New Age, mentioned before, was claimed to be the basis for New Age philosophy, but not only was the backbone of it laid down years earlier by a respected occultist Vera Alder, the up-to-date view of it indicates that it has grown a long way from the teachings of the spirit "John" and the "sponsor" of it all, one, self-titled "Limitless Love" who claimed to be greater than Jesus Christ or God.

A perusal of Revelation reveals the extent of pagan belief espoused:

Page 185

  1. There are intelligent and powerful spirit energies (Devas) behind all forces and forms of nature as well as "mountains, seas, of geographical locations . . ." pp. 40, 41.
  2. The old ideas must go (Jewish, Christian and Moslem). pp. 69, 232.
  3. "The fall of man was the original alignment of his spiritual energies with these forces of materialization so that he could enter into the physical sphere. Though this represented a sacrifice in some respects . . .." p. 116.
  4. Of Christ, "He is the motive power behind all evolution, and he is the product of that evolution." p. 117.
  5. The first man to become one with the Cosmic Christ was Buddha. The second man to do so was Jesus. pp. 119, 120, 176, 190.
  6. Explaining the crucifixion of Christ, "This was the occult crucifixion, the placing of this Cosmic Presence within the cross of matter. . ." "Through this action of sacrifice the Cosmic Christ truly became a Savior." p. 121.
  7. The idea of an "evil force" is man's creation, "tangent to the proper flow, out of timing and out of place." p. 131.
  8. The occult is above science—justification of "the etheric plane." pp. 135, 136.
  9. The "Second Coming of Christ" is not the coming of a person, but a "life which quickens a comparable Christ life within each one of us, revealing itself through group activity and a greater love flow within individuals." p. 141.
  10. Page 186

  11. From Limitless Love, "Heed not the voices that speak to the old, but know that I am within you, for I would proclaim to you what comes from beyond." p. 156.
  12. Old ideas and beliefs will disintegrate. pp. 166, 167.
  13. In the old culture, prayer was an exchange between man and God. In the new, it is unity and oneness. p. 205.

What the New Age Really Says

This cannot be dismissed as only fringe psychosis. It is becoming powerful enough to be influencing public thinking and is a real threat to everything we hold valuable in our culture. The whole plan comes directly from the spirit world. It contains the most awful satanic intention to destroy mankind. This is what they are saying:

  • Everything on earth will be totally dictated by satanic spirits; mankind's thoughts, decisions, actions, and understanding. This is what the Bible refers to repeatedly as "possession."
  • Every man will be considered divine, but without the rights we presently grant an animal.
  • Sin is a necessity and must not be downgraded.
  • All of ancient paganism will be part of the new belief; astrology, mediumism, spiritism, necromancy, divination, etc.
  • Reincarnation is the only truth of life hereafter.
  • Individualism will not be tolerated.
  • There will be no more privacy. Only group activity will be tolerated.
  • The family unit will be no more. "Communal living" only, will be allowed.
  • Page 187

  • Sex and marriage will be changed entirely to group activity.
  • All present understanding of the Jewish, Christian, and Moslem religions will be destroyed. It will be replaced by occult and astrological interpretations.
  • No man will be allowed to think for himself!

Every one of the above changes are embodied in the notes we have identified specifically from the two books on the Fifth Dimension-New Age. In the two books totaling 474 pages packed with protestations of love, repeated in every manner possible, over and over again, these little facts of their belief are dropped so casually, that even the Christian can easily be misled to see only beauty where horror is almost covered up. The most frightening aspect of all this is that seemingly right-minded people are willing to convert, or force, the rest of the world to accept the lie of "Limitless Love" when even those deeply involved with any part of the occult know from experience that it is lying, contradictory, and is known for its trickery, and sudden abandonment of its devotees. Perhaps the worst side of the occult is the absolute mercilessness in punishing those who stray or try to escape. These things we know from experience, not from the theories of others. There should be an organization of those who have been delivered from this horror and which will advertise affidavits of just how loving "Limitless Love" really is not. Imagine a world of totally possessed people. What we have seen of mass suicide in the past few years would not even be a beginning. Incidentally, Jim Jones was a former Christian, but as leader of Jonestown he was a respected, full-fledged New

Page 188

Ager and Jonestown was one of the chief centers of New Age teaching. When it ended in tragedy it was immediately repudiated as of the New Age, and the news was put out that it was a Christian organization! In the 1972 Spiritual Community Guide, a "Handbook for a New Age," the People's Temple of Jim Jones was listed as one of the chief centers "to anchor The Plan on earth." After the mass suicide, the New Age denied any connection with it, and referred to Jones as a "Methodist Minister." To the Christian onlooker it would appear that the satanic forces controlling The People's Temple became so greedy for the easy annihilation of all those souls, that their goal of world domination was temporarily set aside. Or, is what we witnessed no more than a true picture of the insanity of evil? What we are trying to say to anyone who will listen is, "Do you not see what you are stepping into with the least involvement in the occult?" We are not suggesting that all of the New Age goals will become a reality. We are pointing out what is happening presently, and that it is easy for the Christian to become involved, for many are already. It is certainly not something to laugh at and walk away from, or to play with a bit "just for kicks," or even to use in desperation.

The New Age Today

There is a clever, plainly-to-be-seen propaganda devised by the New Age to appeal to the unwary Christian. None of the true aims of the movement are hinted at, and the implication that the New Age is Christ's Kingdom to be established on earth is the bait.

Page 189

It is frightening to notice (at least here in southern California) the number of rear car windows that carry both the New Age logos and Christian symbols. In the appeal to the business world, the propaganda is slanted toward self improvement, and it is clever enough to have been included in the required study for personnel advancement in some large corporations. The New Age has also gone political, and has backed and infiltrated certain "crusades" familiar to anyone watching television. These include ecology, disarmament, abortion, artificial insemination, genetic control, and forced limitation of family size. All of these are most important to a plan of total control of the individual.

Alice A. Bailey wrote prolifically on the New Age, and most of her material was admittedly 'spirit dictated.' She died in 1949. Her books were published by the Lucifer Publishing Company of New York, which became the Lucis Publishing Company of the Lucis Trust. She states plainly that buying and selling permission will be dependent upon the individual taking the "Luciferic Initiation." She also denies their public image of belief in racial equality. She writes, "The new world order will be founded on the recognition that all men are equal in origin and goal, but that all are at different stages of evolutionary development."11 She makes it clear that out of the New Age, ". . . which brings opportunity to the occidental races, and through the medium of this life

Page 190

force of executive organization, of government by rule and order, by rhythm and ritual, will come the time wherein the occidental races—with their active concrete mind, and their vast business capacity—can take the initiation."12 In fact, even a most cursory perusal of the New Age teachings reveals the exact race supremacy belief of naziism!

A close look at some of the culture changes they espouse reveals frightening intent. "Death Control" exposes their intention to enforce "zero population growth," which means no births per year above the death rate will be allowed. To keep the society young and viable, legal killing of the aged, the infirm, the imperfect, and the unwanted is an absolute necessity. With this goes hand-in-hand rigidly controlled "forced limitation of family size," which means forced abortion per order of the State. This latter item is in the making now in 1983 unless the U.S. Senate defeats it. There is a bill before the Senate to enforce "population stabilization by the year 2000" which is only seventeen years away.

The moneyless credit card society is in our not-too-distant future, according to some economists. This same plan, plus "redistribution of the wealth" has been a tenet of the New Age since its inception. It is a necessary part of denying mankind independence and individuality. To implement this rigid control of the individual each person will be issued a number without which he, or she, can neither buy nor sell.

Page 191

The issuance of this number will be allowed only after a person has passed the "Luciferic Initiation." The most sure way of obviating the illegal possession of such a number will be the official and permanent application of a number on the forehead or the hand. One plan suggests that this number be invisible except under a certain light. It is not exactly a non sequitur to add that to the New Ager, Lucifer is a being of worship and the savior of mankind. The number 666 or its multiples is touted as of great occult value and strength. With these facts staring us in the face, it is inconceivable that some Christians still refuse to believe that the prophecies of the biblical book of Revelation are not applicable to our time.

All of this, with the openly declared phasing out of all religions except spiritism, the taking over of synagogues, mosques and churches for the Luciferic initiation rites, the abolition of Christian days such as Good Friday and Christmas, and particularly "sealing the door where evil dwells" (which Alice Bailey positively defines as eliminating Christians) must be the final steps toward "the end of the age."

Finally, we would quote David Spangler in one of the most blasphemous statements ever made (from his book, Reflections on the Christ, written in 1978):

"The true light of Lucifer cannot be seen through sorrow, through darkness, through rejection. The true light of this great being can only be recognized when one's own eyes can see with the light of the Christ, the light of the inner sun. Lucifer works within

Page 192

each of us to bring us to wholeness, and as we move into a new age, which is the age of man's wholeness, each of us in some way is brought to that point which I term the Luciferic initiation, the particular doorway through which the individual must pass if he is to come fully into the presence of his light and his wholeness.

"Lucifer comes to give us the final gift of wholeness. If we accept it, then he is free and we are free. That is the Luciferic initiation. It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation into the New Age. It is an initiation of leaving the past and moving into the new, shedding our guilts and fears, our anxieties, our needs, our temptations, and becoming whole and at peace because we have recognized our inner light and the light that enfolds us, the light of God."

All of this is the picture of the attempt of Satan to take over the world in our time. No person, Christian or non-Christian is immune. No one, particularly today, dares take the least step toward this kind of possession. It is not only spiritual possession, it includes the mental, and the physical. It is total.

It was not too long ago that demon possession was recognized only by pagan religions, occultists, and perhaps the conservative Christian. The rest of us called it "mental illness"—schizophrenia. Today those symptoms are being recognized as stemming from two other sources also. One cause is surprisingly simple—nutritional. The other, more surprisingly

Page 193

identified by an increasing number of psychiatrists is pure possession of the individual by an alien personality, the demon possession of the Bible. If a person was reported to be afflicted with multiple personalities in those days of certainty about mental illness, we found it fascinating, and wondered if we, too, might have submerged 'other sides' to our characters. We even made movies about it (The Three Faces of Eve). Only the loved ones and close friends of those unfortunates knew the horror of reality.

Then toward the 1970s a few psychiatrists and psychologists began to have doubts as they saw evidence of an outside force actually taking possession while the patient himself (or herself) simply blacked out. There were cautious reports from such established institutions as veteran's hospitals of attempts to exorcise the intruding 'entities.' This was reported as being at least temporarily successful.

The type of possession that did not show overtly the character of the demon was more difficult to classify. In this type of schizophrenia the patient said and did things that were contrary to what he might be expected to say and do normally. He could give no reason for his words and actions. This was total control by the invading entity, and over which the patient had no defense.

Now-a-days, exorcism is becoming fashionable, particularly among the charismatics and there is the inclination to blame all illness on demon possession. In cases where the demon possession is actually demonstrated something is happening that has established, once and for all, that it is just that.

Page 194

There are documented reports of the demon leaving the possessed person and immediately possessing either the exorcist or one of the helpers—same voice, same characteristics, and same reaction. It is said to be most frightening to witness.

The successful and final deliverance from true demon possession occurs in a manner that is distasteful to both liberal Christian and non-Christian. It is done in the name of Jesus Christ. Just as distasteful to these people is the claim by the counselor (the term exorcist is avoided) that the shed blood of Jesus Christ protects those present from violence threatened by the screaming demon. The demon reaction to this statement by the counselor is most interesting. It is abject terror, sometimes ending in the spirit begging the counselor not to mention that above all things.

Perhaps it is clear by now that a true understanding of the smallest step into the occult can be gained only by a perspective of the whole picture and its "plan." The first step is often made in innocent ignorance. It has been found that such a seemingly insignificant act as having occult writings or artifacts in the home, or watching demon possession stories in movie or on television is an invitation to demon presence. (There was a rash of frightening spirit visitations recorded after watching The Exorcist.) Reading occult, Satan Church, or pagan religion writings "for fun," or playing with astrology (the horoscope) or the Ouija Board is an open invitation.

This leads us to our last observation in perspective; the problem of those who are caught in any of the aspects of spiritualism or the occult, and who truly

Page 195

desire release. Although we have, as stated before, been through this personally, we do not consider ourselves expert. So what we have to say here will be based not only on our perspective of looking back, but on the experience of counselors and what we have read. We cannot state strongly enough, the only means of final escape is in the name of Jesus Christ. This is so important, one must never, for a moment, allow anyone to explain it away. Sometimes a person can escape by his or her own prayer. Sometimes the demon is so entrenched in either harassment or possession, one must have help. In our own case, even though we were on the verge of suicide as the only means of escape and we were under severe pressure to submit to hypnosis, we resisted. Finally, at the last moment, before action had to be taken we tried, without belief, faith or any of the other supposed pre-requisites, one simple prayer. Probably it would be classed as just a last cry of anguish. Someone had suggested the cause to be satanic and we had laughed at the time. However, when there was no other hope we suddenly decided it had to be tried. It was no more than, "I don't know if You can hear me, or if You will hear me. If this thing is satanic I ask You please. please, in the name of Jesus Christ, deliver me!" It was gone out of the room instantly! It would have been interesting to have been able to see what happened in that instant, when satanic forces were so close to success.

We have exposed this most private and personal experience for only one reason. Hopefully, it might encourage even one person who can scarcely believe in the possibility of deliverance.

Page 196

If the problem is so severe it cannot be handled alone, search for a Christian counselor who believes in Jesus Christ as Saviour (there are many who do not!), and who knows the power of His name, and who recognizes Satan as a literal being and the arch enemy of all mankind. Accept no substitutes. The Christian community is full of would-be counselors who do not hold to these beliefs. They will interpret your problem in one of several learned sounding ways, but without acting in the name of Jesus Christ, they will fail you. Regardless of the depression, guilt, fear or hopelessness you feel, release is a certainty.

When once genuine satanic harassment or possession has been experienced, one knows without the slightest doubt, the difference in it and the product of an active imagination. Perhaps a counselor is needed to help ascertain this first. If there is suspicion of physical or mental illness, professional consultation must be obtained. This is an important and often neglected step. Glandular imbalance or nutritional deficiency can produce depression and even hallucinations and the most awful nightmares.

Dr. Kurt Koch, the internationally known Christian counselor whom we have quoted repeatedly, makes a very clear distinction between physical or mental illness and satanic oppression. He points out the view of present-day intellectuals that Jesus was just an uninformed 'child-of-his-time' who thought that all sickness was demon possession. He is of the opinion that those who believe this way have only failed to ascertain the facts. We would put it more strongly. We believe that they have read and not

Page 197

assimilated a single word, for it is there in every new Testament book for all to see.

The entire ministry of Jesus was full of "healing the sick—and—casting out demons." In other words, Jesus certainly did know the difference between possession and pathological disturbances, and so did everyone else of his time. Matthew 4:24 tells of people bringing the sick and possessed to him. In Matthew 8:6 it reads, "He cast out the spirits with His word, and healed all that were sick." Mark 1:32 states, "And at even, when the sun did set they brought unto Him all that were diseased and them that were possessed with devils." (Emphasis ours.) It seems that Jesus knew considerably more about sickness and demon possession than present-day psychiatry, for he, at least, knew how to differentiate between them. It should be added here quickly, that oppression and possession is only a matter of degree. A person can be oppressed by demons and gain release by a simple prayer. If it has progressed to the point of a spirit taking total control, then outside help is necessary.

One final warning to the person troubled by the occult, or who suspects that kind of trouble. Avoid at all costs the ignorant, if well-meaning Christian counselor who believes all sickness to be satanic oppression or possession, or, the highly trained professional who cannot recognize satanic oppression when he is confronted with it. Your only hope is in the experienced Christian counselor who can differentiate and guide you wisely. Take the time to find such a person. They are available.

Above all, do not go to a psychic, or allow yourself

Page 198

to be hypnotized as a cure, or accept the services of any type of dowser-healer, mystic, or medium.

Summary of Our Intent

As we stated at the beginning of this chapter, a perspective view of the occult world is not ranging far afield from dowsing. It is making use of the rule of good sense expected of us in every other endeavor. It is the examination of the overall picture.

It must be admitted that from a practical standpoint, dowsing is a tool for personal use. As such, this tool should be examined for its true worth before buying it. Yet, we have never once seen, or heard of this being done. For some reason it is accepted gratefully as a gift—to some, a spiritual gift. It is apparent that the factor causing this attitude is the mystery and supernatural element in all kinds of dowsing. Who has not been attracted at some time or other by the stories of the genie in a bottle or lamp, which comes out at the call of the fortunate possessor to do miraculous things? This is exactly how most dowsers feel. This is why they will not listen to reason once they have experienced this supernormal power.

So, it is not so incredible that even the most highly intelligent individuals among us throw all caution to the winds and 'buy' dowsing exactly as a 'country bumpkin' enthusiastically buys from the con man at the country fair. They are promised superhuman powers, and they buy it without a second look. In our examination of dowsing we have probed deeper than might be thought necessary because, although the facts are there for all to see, few will take the time

Page 199

and trouble to look. We told of one rare Christian dowser who found the biblical condemnation of divination and accepted it as total and final censure of the act. However, most Christian dowsers state unequivocally, "Dowsing for water (or minerals) is not divination! It has nothing to do with the biblically condemned "wizardry."

It is a fact that the use of the dowsing device (a wand or staff in Hosea's time, still one of today's devices) is as old as written history—and was worldwide. The oldest written reference to water witching as "divination" is from China and predates Hosea by about 1400 years. There is no way to avoid the conclusion that the moment the dowser picks up the dowsing device he has accepted one of the oldest witch-craft and sorcery methods known to man!

The Christian dowser who wrote us the letter we discussed in Chapter IV was so certain that dowsing was harmless, he defied us to show differently. Yet the record is there for the reading. We can start with the convulsions during witching of peasant herdsman Barthelemy Bléton of the eighteenth century and list the present-day known nausea, dizziness, convulsive pains, muscle spasms, loss of memory, fainting and headaches during and after the simplest type of dowsing—water witching. Some dowsers do not recover their sense of well being for hours or many days after witching. This does not include the physical discomfort of some types of dowsing; bleeding hands, burning feet, the rod flying back to slap the dowser in the face as the water is located (we know of one dowser who wears a crash helmet to take the force of the blow). Even the metal

Page 200

A popular method of dowsing in Britain. The metal band bent in the dowser's firm grip suddenly slaps back against him with a resounding whack when over water.

Page 201

or wood rod forced into an arc at waist level, slaps back against the belly of the witcher with a stinging and resounding whack.

Dr. Kurt Koch has told us of dowsers who, although apparently suffering none of the above effects, have fallen prey to severe psychic disturbances at a later date. Dr. Koch has also recorded case histories of severe psychological and psychic trauma by recipients of medical dowsing. We have written of the harm a dowser can cause a 'victim' at will, but it is obvious that if this occult power is used to cause harm, it will seldom, if ever, be confessed.

What we have tried to show is that there are two sides to the dowsing coin. The side we have exposed is the one never discussed in polite dowser society. The act of dowsing, for whatever, is referred to as "wizardry" and divination in the Bible. The Old Testament penalty for practicing or consulting was death. To those who are interested, a lengthy discussion on this subject is to be found in Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments, Youngman's edition.

The final word on the subject from the biblical viewpoint is the order, you shall not touch it, and for an excellent reason. It is destructive! There you have it. Dowsing is dangerous physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. However, if the public reaction to this warning is comparable to its response to the Surgeon General's warning about smoking, only a few will stop laughing long enough to consider. It is for those few that this book has been written.


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