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DOWSINGby Ben G. Hester

Introduction to Chapter IV

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In the following chapter we will be offering a conservative Christian viewpoint as a reasonable explanation of the obviously intelligent power source of dowsing. We will be discussing 'spirits' and spirit power. To the reader who has found it intellectually distasteful to consider a religious explanation for a phenomenon belonging more rightly in the classification of psi, we wish to make note: Non-religious writers who are examining the paranormal are reporting the undeniable occurrence of supernatural manifestations. Many present-day, level-headed reporters are referring to intelligent "things" that can materialize and dematerialize into and from our reality at will. They are historical and well known. They seem to be a part of some greater manifestation of power that is just a thought above our reality.

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However, these writers throw every supernatural manifestation in the same bag. They class Osiris, Vishnu, Jesus Christ, spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, UFOnauts, leprechauns, etc., as varied manifestations of the same power source. They consistently recognize the reality of the supernatural, writing whole books on the subject. They also point out that much of what we see as supernatural is harmful to mankind. In one such book, The Eighth Tower by John A. Keel1 the author puts it in italics to emphasize, ". . . the majority of all supernatural manifestations are harmful or at least senseless."

We take the insanity out of supernatural manifestations by using the Bible standard of separating them into two classes—the good and the evil. We submit this as no more than a reasonable and intelligent viewpoint.

Chapter IV

For Christians Only

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Which is an explanation of dowsing from the conservative Christian viewpoint, and which may be the most conclusive and reasonable of any served up so far.

It is impossible to write anything on the subject of "good and evil" and expect to reach the mind of every present-day Christian. This is because many Christians refuse to accept the idea of a literal being called Satan, that Satan was the original "tempter" in the Garden of Eden, or that there is an intelligent force of evil. So in fairness to all, we must declare ourselves so that every reader knows without doubt from which standpoint we come.

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The Problem of Good and Evil

We were talking to a parapsychologist recently. He is a Godless man who considers himself a hard headed realist. We asked him if he believed in an active force of evil, thinking the question to him might be a stupid non sequitur. He surprised us with his answer. "Every person who deals with the occult knows only too well that there is an intelligent, malevolent force out there which will move in on you when you least expect it." We found that the "moving in" is something to be dreaded by anyone having such an experience. Yet some Christians, in their ignorance of reality, have taken the intellectual stance that there is no such thing. Yes, we do recognize Satan and the active evil, and from personal experience. We refuse to be drawn into arguments as to the origin of the idea of Satan, whether Satan was or was not the serpent in the Garden of Eden, or the niceties of the role of Satan presently. We know him and what he does from personal exposure, which, even the above mentioned parapsychologist agreed was the real thing. So, in considering dowsing from a Christian view point, we believe that good and evil play an important part, and are crucial to its understanding. We do not recognize the Universal Mind theory or reincarnation as worthy of consideration simply because they are anti-biblical and anti-Christian. Also, we do not accept, in spite of the attempts of some Christians, that the idea of evolution is compatible with the story of creation. All of these points are of prime importance in a consideration of dowsing.

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The Power Sources

Not being able to think of any others whom we must alienate, may we get on with it. If this intelligent power source is believed to come from outer space or other worlds, it must be remembered that this idea only attempts to link science fiction and the UFOnaut to something that is not in the Bible. If there are any other inhabited worlds, and there is no denying that possibility, there is no biblical evidence that any other planet has experienced the disobedience to God's universal law as we did. In other words, there is no biblical hint that other worlds, if there are such, are 'sinful' as we are. Since we were created full fledged, highly intelligent beings, and disobedience was not necessary to fulfill our holy destiny, and since we have obviously deteriorated since we disobeyed, we seem to be unique in the universe. To speculate that other worlds were created any less than perfect carries the exercise too far. Therefore if there are other worlds, and if the inhabitants could visit us, they could not lie to us or harm us, both of which are elements of dowsing and the UFO phenomenon (which continually 'crops up' in the dowsing picture).

The Christian who believes in disembodied spirits (spirits of the dead) will fit one of two classifications. Either he believes that the spirit of the dead goes on to its immediate reward, or it stays somewhere in limbo (paradise?) waiting for that great day when its body will be resurrected and given back to it perfected. There is, of course, another classification of believers who believe that the dead only sleep, awaiting the resurrection. Certainly, if "the dead

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know not anything," they cannot come back. If they have "gone on to their just reward" they cannot be the source either. The dowsing power source is historically, and presently amoral, so the perfected spirit could not be the source, and the spirit in hell would certainly not be allowed to come back to be a dowser's mentor. There is just no biblical justification for such a theory. This leaves the spirits in limbo. There are two facts that render this theory untenable. It is not biblically substantiated, and the abilities of the dowsing power source are positively super human. They include total recall of the past, the ability to foretell the future, superhuman knowledge of all things, and the power to over-ride our laws of physics. There is no reason to believe that a yet imperfect human spirit could suddenly acquire such abilities.

However, many dowsers are convinced that the power source is an entity, in fact a spirit of a dead person. One such case, of which we have personal knowledge, is that of a dowser-teacher who held a dowsing seminar in an adjoining city. He allowed us to tape record his classes, and we have those tapes. He stated flatly that several well known historical figures were his "spirit guides." This man was a sincere, humble and able dowser. He expressed his surprise to the class that he should have been singled out for the attention of these spirits. One of those he told about was the spirit of the prophet Moses. With all due respect for this man's honesty and sincerity, the picture of the spirit of such a great figure as Moses placing itself at the beck and call of a stick waving dowser, much as if it were a genie to be

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brought out of a bottle at will is, to say the least, preposterous. To add to the insult by using this spirit to make a woman ill because she inconvenienced him, and to boast with a chuckle that he could use this same means to make a man in Chicago "sick as a dog" from his photograph, is so out of character as to be impossible. Yet this man is a highly intelligent person with his emotions under normal control. This was positive reality to him. The rather obvious explanation of this is that this man has been misled by some power source that lied to him convincingly. This instance is not rare—it is commonplace in the occult scene. Who are they? What are they trying to do?

The Power Source Identified

The Bible gives a most positive answer to this. The references may easily be found in both Testaments. They are described, and the inference is clear that they have been a commonplace occurrence in the life of mankind since Adam disobeyed. They are positively identified. There is clear warning that the spirits must be tested to prove their origin before having anything to do with them. The manner of testing them is made plain. The deceiving spirits are identified as evil angels—those who chose to be on the side of Lucifer who became Satan, and whose one and only intention is to deceive mankind and to lead away from the one true God. These deceiving spirit entities, benevolent, seemingly honest, sincere and wise, historically and presently lead mankind away from God by being truthful just enough to establish acceptance, and then the completely

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destroying lie is slipped in as innocently as if it were a continuation of the preceding truths. These lies are anti-God, every one of them.

So, there are spirit entities. There are two classes. Only one of them is amoral, lying, and hurtful. They are among us, and have been since Eden. They can materialize at will and convince us of reality that is not so. They are masters of the hoax. Eve, our first mother, and presumably the most intelligent woman ever to have lived was taken in by the first hoax lie, ". . . ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil" without the least hint of the terrible consequences that accompanied the risk. They have been successfully hoaxing the intelligent among us ever since. According to the Bible, they were created as a higher classification of beings than man. Since their rebellion they have used this higher condition (which all of us know well) to defraud us. They fit every known need in an understanding of the occult. We submit that dowsing is an occult act, and has been known as such from ancient times.

The Gigantic Hoax as Seen Today

The fact that dowsing has an undeniable physical element does not detract from an understanding of its occult aspects. There need not be any confusion over this. It is simply a fact that the physical element of the occult in not truly the physics of our planet, which it can and does over-ride. It is also a fact that the physical part of the occult is not even consistent. It seems to be used at the whim of the particular spirit or spirits confronting us at that time. It cannot be denied that there is gamma radiation from within

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the earth, and that there is an incredibly weak radiation from living cells, and that some inanimate objects radiate energies. However, the picture that emerges from a close examination of dowsing reveals a twisting of facts and an adding to our physical phenomena. Sometimes there is evidence of the abrogation of our laws of physics. Again, it is the old trick of using our reality or truths just enough to bait our curiosity, and we are like moths to a flame. We cannot leave it alone. We submit that all of the occult elements of the parapsychological phenomenon are a part of a gigantic hoax to lead man away from God. They are contradictory, undependable, and will not repeat in a scientific manner. The parapsychologist plays with them, or he demands that we restructure our physical laws to include things of the "etheric." This is also the method of the dowsing world. It has been in their literature since the turn of the century. We believe that our presentation has made this plain.

The great cry today is to stop condemning the unknown. Those who wish to withhold acceptance until identification and proof is forthcoming are ridiculed. There is an almost senseless demand that the unknowns of what used to be known as the occult world be presently included in the unknowns of the scientific world (i.e. quantum physics). It is time we awoke to the intellectual dishonesty (or is it plain stupidity?) of this cry. We hope to present adequate clarification of this accusation.

The Christian Dowser

First, consider the plight of the Christian dowser.

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If he, or she, is ignorant of the psychic elements he may take rod in hand and go out to find water—nothing more. He does not know that by his decision to dowse also for an ore of his choosing, his rod will oblige. He may not know that other Christian dowsers dowse for ores thinking that that also is a purely physical act. We know of Christian dowsers who have used it as a tool for their own use and to help others for almost a lifetime. It is impossible to accuse them of being occultists, yet they have been using an occult method in ignorance and innocence. This is truly innocent involvement. We wish to discuss this later. Then there are Christian dowsers who do know, but they find the desire, or necessity, great enough to take the chance. They may never experience any inkling of occult involvement unless they become conscience stricken and desire to stop. They often confess to having prayed for protection, or they tell themselves that this must be a gift from God, suspecting all the while that it just may be something else. Not once have we ever heard one of them admit to having tested the spirits, or that they prayed for enlightenment. We have heard the dowser's smiling prayer, "if this is not from You, do not let it happen!" to show us how wrong we were in our opinion. The rod always worked perfectly after such a prayer. Against this we would present case histories of where prayer stopped the dowsing rod cold! We will also relate case histories of water wells being found by prayer alone.

We will also relate the findings of Christian counselors that tell of the effects of the dowsing experience. We will point out that involvement in the

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occult almost always occurs in noticeable "steps," just one at a time, with the first one so casual and innocent as to be undetectable. We are certain that dowsing is one of those first steps, and from the Christian standpoint we hope to prove it.

More often, the Christian dowser simply justifies his actions by the acts of someone else. "But Pastor X is a dowser, and he is certainly a holy man! Don't tell me it is Satanic!" We wonder if this holy man committed adultery, and it has happened, would it justify the act? Some consider it to be of so little significance in the light of what greater awful things are being done, that surely nothing will come of it. However this is entirely different from the ordinary committed mistake or sin. In this case the dowser is deliberately putting his hand in the hand of Satan for services rendered. Experience will show them as it has for many before, that just one such contact is all that is necessary for being introduced to the next step or temptation. We are not theorizing. We are dealing in hard facts.

The Trickery of Satan

When once the Devil is seen in the dowsing act, the seemingly outlandish question of Satan's ability to 'do good,' and man's using evil or an evil source to do good raises its ugly head. The apostle Paul wrote letters to the fledgling churches or communities in the then civilized world. In those letters he tackled the problems that faced the new and inexperienced Christians. He wrote of these two problems which evidently existed from the beginnings of Christianity. He encouraged them to take a firm stand. In a letter to

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the Christians in Corinth2 he spoke of false pastors (apostles) and warned the people against them saying that they deceitfully acted like true apostles. Then he went on to say that this was no marvel, "for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." As an angel of light, good and truth must appear to be there or men would not be deceived. If Satan were to appear and act like a monster, or the horned red devil of artist's depiction, he could never deceive a single soul.

The trickery that entraps a Christian is something that appears so delightfully sane, true and good that the lie slipped in to entrap is swallowed with the rest. There is a real world of evil that most people never know about, would not recognize, and certainly will not accept as real. The occultist and parapsychologist know it well and avoid it at all costs. Stepping into it is physically, mentally and spiritually traumatic.

Referring again to the parapsychologist who recognized the reality of intelligent evil, he telephoned us one night in desperate trouble. He begged us to talk and keep talking to him since he needed "the reality of your voice." He told us that the occult blackness had moved into his house as punishment. He had to wait until it chose to leave to see to dial the phone. This total blackness is so feared that suicide is considered a welcome escape. It engenders a panic fear that is above anything ordinarily experienced. He confessed, what at no

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other time he might, that he had inadvertently been reading something in "that (expletive) Christian line!" This, he was forbidden to do. He stated it clearly, "I am not allowed to read that stuff. If I do, they move in on me." People laugh at Martin Luther's statement that when the Devil appeared before him, he threw his inkwell at him. Those of us who have never experienced that personal confrontation are very fortunate, because it just happens to be reality. The point is, and we repeat it to drive it home, Satan is real, he is the worst enemy of mankind, and he deceives by assuming the role of goodness. He does this just enough to lull and entrap. Then, if one steps out of line, the whipping is immediate and severe.

The End Justifies the Means

Paul also addressed himself to the problem of using evil to do good, so this too is nothing new. In his letter to the Christians in Rome3 he stated that the non-believer's gossip that these new Christians were doing evil that good might come of it simply was not true. He wrote that they even charged the Christians with actually saying, "Let us do evil that good might come of it." No, the text does not continue with an exhortation against the use of evil to do good. The strength of the text is that both the letter writer and the recipients were so aware of the moral standard, there was no need to belabor the point. Paul's obvious reason for mentioning it was to

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voice a scathing denunciation of those so slanderous of his brethren. This obviously raises a question a non-Christian may never understand.

A perfect case in point is the news story about a Christian dowser who, with the financial help of his church brethren, went to the refugee camps in Cambodia early in 1980 to find water wells for the desperately thirsty refugees. There was supposed to be no underground potable water in that area. Wells had been dug to no avail. He dowsed well after well of good water. The photograph in the press of children gathered around a stream of water coming out of a hand pump, and the expression on their faces was answer enough to the question of the dowser's success.

In Grants Pass, Oregon, Paul Macomber, a staff writer for the Grants Pass Daily Courier, wrote up the story and was shocked at the letters he received from Christians who condemned the dowser for his act of sorcery to do a good deed. In the May 30 issue of the Courier, Macomber answered these charges. He retold the story and remarked on the dowsing debate that is old and will probably continue "for generations to come." He admitted to being a skeptic, but he also found it difficult to credit the Devil with success and goodness. He stated that faith has much to do with the acceptance of things not having "conventional scientific explanations" and he felt it is easy to give God the credit for those things of which we approve, and blame the Devil for the things with which we do not agree. He agreed that life would be simpler if God would supply annotations to the Bible every year or so to update it and clarify which things were "heaven-sent and which are the work of the devil."

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Meanwhile, he said, our guideline is to know people "by their fruits." He ended with the question of who is really to blame, the man who did the truly altruistic deed, or the people sitting in their easy chairs finding evil in things they do not understand, and passing judgement on people they do not even know.

He wrote us that his column was not aimed only at the critics of witching. He just did not believe, he said that "either God or civilization is served by hollering 'evil' and pointing fingers." He only hoped for a more thoughtful dialogue. He said that on the bottom line he wondered whether it made any difference how the refugees were helped; by prayer, committed volunteers, financial aid, or democratic process, as long as God gets the glory.

We are certain, even from our limited contact with Paul Macomber, that he is an honest man and a good reporter. His editorial reply to the critical Christians seemed to be aimed at their "holier than thou" attitude, yet the overall thought of his comments summed up by, ". . . I really wonder how much difference it makes . . . as long as God gets the glory instead of a black eye on behalf of his believers," epitomizes this problem that has always haunted Christians. The Jesuits put it more succinctly in their motto, "The End Justifies the Means." Carried to its extremes it has been a blot on the face of Christianity, yet in its less violent aspects it still poses a question of ethics a Christian must face. There is, perhaps, no way that criticism of this dowser could be made without the critic being labelled an unfeeling, self-righteous, carping skunk, yet does the Christian

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have the right to use a pagan act of divination to do good? The Bible says no! and for a very good reason. It offers another means to the same end, and peculiarly Christian. It is what is called 'prayer.' The idea of finding a water well by prayer would be laughable to most Christians today because it is just not done that way and it could not be done so if one wanted to. Oh yes it is being done so. The history of this way of doing the impossible goes back to the earliest Christians who were solving their problems in the name of Jesus Christ. Our dilemma today is that we have slipped so far from those days of real faith we do exactly as accused by Paul Macomber. We sit in our easy chairs, say it can't be done, and find fault with the doers. What an unbelievable witness for Christianity finding those wells in Cambodia by prayer would have been!

The Only Alternative to Dowsing

In collecting anecdotes about locating water wells by prayer, or the experiences of dowsing and prayer, we ran across one outstanding fact. Regardless of the interpretation we hear made of certain biblical promises concerning it, prayer cannot be used in the some sense one used dowsing! Success in locating water wells by prayer is recorded. Complete failure is also recorded. There are case histories of the dowsing rod being stopped cold by prayer, as well as bitter disappointment because there was no reaction from prayer. This is reality, so there must be a reason. Since God cannot lie, does not change, and has promised answer to prayer, the answer has to be in the supplicant. This places us in the uncomfortable position of apparently standing in

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judgement on the Christian who has failed to receive such an answer. This we dare not do, but in justice to the Christian reader whom we might have persuaded to try prayer as an alternative, we must point out that there are facts to consider. The easiest answer is to write it all off as chance—however one wishes to do it. However, this is not honesty. Some of the case histories of well finding by prayer contain facts that make the odds against chance too great. So, if prayer does work only part of the time, why? If we have heard one story about answered prayer, we have heard three of unanswered prayer.

So, to return to the problem of using prayer. To explain this, the use of dowsing must be reconsidered. Any person, pagan, Christian, or whatever, can with faith, use dowsing to his own ends. One learns the formula and the use of that power is at his finger tips. Not so of prayer. This is not to say that the Christian who gets no affirmative answer is in reality evil—it is more complex than that. In talking to that very small minority of present-day Christians who do receive phenomenal answers to prayer, it is apparent that the first factor is the complete dedication of their lives to Jesus Christ. (That eliminates much of what we others accept as a normal way of life—no details necessary.) The second factor is the daily dedication of their wills to God. ("Thy will be done" is obviously the most difficult prayer imaginable.) The third factor is their continuing effort to ascertain God's will before making a specific prayer request. (How many of us would think of spending time in prayer to ascertain if we should purchase that piece of property in the country. We see it, we like it, we buy it!) Every anecdote of answered prayer we have run across has had one common, and

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seemingly important factor. The prayer was one of humble supplication. It was not a phone call to take advantage of an advertised offer. There are other elements of unanswered (or refused) prayer that we just do not understand. We only record what we have witnessed in the dowsing scene.

It does seem that successful request prayers are dependent on the kind of Christian experience that places the will of God uppermost, the sincere offer of one's self to be used by God, and the humble placement of the personal need before Him. It seems to be something like a child-to-father relationship with the attendant sensitive communication. Few of us are privileged to know this firsthand. It points up the fact that there is nothing in common with the request to occult power. We will remark on this later. First, there is the matter of locating water wells by prayer.

Following are two illustrations of the use of prayer in finding water where it was either difficult to find, or there was supposed to be none there. Note a significant difference in this prayer method and dowsing. In 1980, a sincere Christian man and wife in northern California had to have a water well to live on the country acreage they owned. They were urged to call in a dowser. They believed dowsing to he sorcery, so they would have none of it. They prayed about it repeatedly, not having the least idea of how the answer might come. Finally the day came when the driller arrived and they still had no answer, yet they still held to their belief that prayer was the right way. The driller approached them, dowsing rod in hand. They told him they did not want the property dowsed. In complete misunderstanding of

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their reason, he assured them there would be no charge for the dowsing. They repeated their refusal, and asked him to wait for a few minutes. They went into the house to pray one last time. When they came out again, the man pointed to a spot convenient to the kitchen and said, "Drill there." The resultant well turned out to be one of the best in the area.

Chance? Maybe, however there was one curious fact about this well. It so happened that water in this region was so difficult to find, a stream had to be located and penetrated to get any water at all!

The second anecdote is about a couple in France, Luc and Patricia Fouchard who live near La Chapelle in southern France. this area is the typically hot, dry country where irrigation is a necessity. The Fouchards have a small, self-supporting rehabilitation center for youth there, and an important part of their program is the youth participation in an extensive organic farming project. So water in adequate quantities is a prime necessity. The water supply, as it was several years ago, diminished during the hot summer so that one field after another had to be abandoned, and finally there was not enough for bathing or flushing the toilets. With forty to sixty people at the center, this became an impossible situation. Something had to be done. The four drilled wells that had been put down in the past were failures. Finally some Christian friends in the U.S. raised enough money to drill once more. Consultation with geologists and local people who knew the area, elicited the discouraging information that water there could probably not be found at any

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depth. Everyone involved prayed earnestly, right up to the time of arrival of the driller. He set up to drill and hit an abundant supply of water at only 45 feet, and it held right through the dry summertime.

If the two above wells had been dowsed, these successes would be casually accepted. However, since they were not, one is tempted to think in terms of chance. Yet, was it any more of a miracle to have found water in these unlikely places by prayer than by dowsing? Is it any more questionable that God could, or would, put it into the minds of these prayerful Christians where to locate the well than to accept the idea of another supernatural intelligence transferring this knowledge through the dowsing rod? Did it really require any more faith to believe that prayer would result in the finding of water than the dowser exercises in picking up the witching rod?

For anyone who has not yet learned the power of prayer, or who has no geologist friend, or knows an 'old timer' who knows 'the lay of the land,' or does not live in an area close enough to a scientist who has a scintillation counter to be able to afford his services, dowsing may seem the only way out. At least it will he a big temptation. They must decide whether it is worth it to make a pact with Satan for this convenience. We use the word 'pact' with good reason. It is recognized that Satan's one purpose toward the human race is to cause the loss of souls. Therefore Satan only 'does business' with a person toward that selfish end. Also, therefore, if a person accepts a favor from Satan, he is indebted—he has made a pact of a favor for what? Satan then has a claim upon him. He has also weakened himself for the next

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temptation which will come. It will not be just any temptation, but one tempting just a little larger step into the occult. This is a recorded fact. The Christian cannot afford the smallest step in that direction.

Innocent Involvement

Now it is time to look at the problem of the innocent dowser. It is shocking to find Christians who refuse to believe such a thing is possible. They believe that the innocent will be protected from such a thing. However, reality proves it is not always true, and since God is loving and good, there must be a reason. In the occult world, there are two ways it may occur. It may be inherited! The entire occult world knows this and a few religious writers remark on it. One hears the statement, "My grandmother was a water-witch, so was my mother, and it comes natural to me." Or, "My mother was sensitive, so was her mother and grandmother." This is generally followed by an unusual tale of unasked-for occult ability by the person making the statement. The world of witchcraft is proud of it and it is not an 'old wives tale.' We know this from personal experience. Thus it is that an innocent one may be called to fight the psychic the same as an inherited disease or mental problem. However, if occult power has not been inherited, then the innocent has had to learn it. He may have been misled by someone in whom he has implicit faith, or perhaps no reason not to. Or, it appeared to be convenient. We know of a sincere Christian woman who was shocked and unbelieving when told that the Ouija Board she was using to advise her was, in fact, not a God given answer

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board but a Satanic device. She had inherited large landholdings she was unable to handle. She heard of the Ouija Board and purchased one in her need. It worked fine. When one thinks of the innocent, it is generally the picture of a sweet innocent-faced child. There is no argument against the obvious circumstances of protection that we all know. However, there is a difference in the circumstance of the child walking along the edge of a cliff, and using a dowsing rod, which she was taught to use, "because children are such apt pupils and learn to dowse so quickly." When she picks up the dowsing rod to astonish her adult audience, she is actively playing with 'an intelligent, amoral force' that wants just one thing—her destruction. How much more foolish is her action if she is a grown woman with perception. This author's mother was a staunch Christian, but also a natural-born telepath. She used it innocently enough, but looking back, we realize it was directly responsible for the catastrophe that befell her and for which she paid dearly. Now, in many years of retrospect we realize she never once made personal application of the knowledge she had about the occult. Was God to blame because she was not protected from herself? This is an extremely complex situation, and it is altogether too easy to close the mind to its reality and to blame God. We make no claim to have answered the question fully. Perhaps only 'on the other side' will the answer be known.

It is completely incompatible with the understanding we have of a loving God that a person could be held accountable in a judgemental way for

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innocent wrongdoing. It is also true that it seldom happens that our wrongdoing is entirely innocent. We generally have some inkling of the true nature of the desire or temptation. This brings us to the hurt we bring upon ourselves by our wrong acts. It is a common occurrence to abandon common sense, and when payment time comes about we cry to God for extrication. Sometimes in old age and looking back is the first time this is seen clearly.

Asking God vs. Asking Satan

The consideration here of prayer versus the occult as a means of satisfying our needs and wants deserves a little more reflection. Why are results from prayer so uncommon, and why are results from requests to the occult power source so immediate, satisfactory, and attractive? The answer is found in history. Through the eyes of history the present day problem is suddenly clarified.

Our illustration starts with the early Hebrews. The descendants of Abraham (the "children of Israel") as pictured in the Old Testament, made a covenant with God. The dictionary defines covenant as "a binding and solemn agreement." In this historic covenant the people agreed to keep the "commandments" of God, and in return God agreed to keep the people safe, provide a home in the garden land of the world (in what is today barren desert), and keep them healthy and prosperous. This covenant was for a purpose. These people were to be the earth's leaders, guided by God. What could be more ideal? Yet for some hard to understand reason the people broke this covenant time after time. On the

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surface it would appear that these "chosen people" were so stupid as to be unable to exercise good judgement. However, this was not the case. Even today, after many hundreds of years away from their original broken covenant, Jews are quietly ensconced in the leadership of science, politics, banking, art, music, and all human endeavor in the world. Why did they fail?

First, there must be some understanding of the reality of the supernatural in this people-to-God relationship. Not only was the miraculous almost commonplace, there was almost direct contact with God through their religious leaders. It seems to us today that this would have been something impossible to turn from. However, there is evidence that there were also miraculous happenings in the pagan world surrounding these people. There is evidence in the biblical references to the other gods, that there was an ongoing Satanic attempt to match the miraculous happenings of the true God relationship.

However, there was one vast difference and this is the key—then and today. God demanded right living, morality, and justice of his people. It was in the covenant. Paganism made no such demands. It fostered unbelievable immorality, licentiousness and freedom from any restraint. A perusal of their religious rites shows a picture of such unbelievable brutality, lasciviousness and gore to be mind-numbing to our present day morality. This no-restraint society plus what must have been an impressive display of occult manifestations and the use to which people could put them, appealed to these strong, virile, headstrong men of the man- oriented society.

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There were the continually tempting no-restraint religions just a step across the border. The standards Moses set up reflect how barbarous the world of that day really was. His requirement that all the people in a neighborhood take active part in the execution of a neighbor who broke the law, and the custom of an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth was undoubtedly the only means possible of getting through to them. This is clearly seen in a thoughtful reading of the Old Testament. The headlong wallowing in paganism marked their behavior for years after a return to the true God. Even such a strong figure as King Solomon built temples to the pagan gods to please his women, even while worshipping the true God, and his paganistic leanings are plainly seen.

The principle of the difference in religions is still with us today. The fact that we do not see the extremes or the overt supernatural manifestations today is not germane to our problem. The opposing forces are still there, and the same offer of benefits from the supernatural without any prerequisite of right living is the same old temptation to paganism. To come before God and be heard still requires repentance, confession, and obedience. It includes a willingness to accept responsibility and a giving over of the will to God. So much of the teaching we are given today is sort of a total immersion in a gigantic love blob they call God, without any mention of responsibility following conversion. It certainly shows up when answer to prayer is demanded. The reality is so different from the emotional theory. "Thy will be done" is the most difficult prayer to learn.

Page 134

None of this is a problem in approaching the occult for favors. No right living, no change of character, not even the intention to do good is required. And it is all buttered over with friendliness and good will. It is easy, immediate and inviting. Come and talk to the spirits with us. Come join our humanism. Come practice sorcery (dowsing) with us. Come join us in our pagan religions. We are such friendly people. We are your brothers. This invitation is as old as mankind. This is why, no matter if you are a good or evil man, you can practice divination (dowse) successfully. This is not our paranoid fantasy. The whole story of dowsing and other aspects of the occult contain these facts.

Do Favors Accepted Constitute a Pact?

We must say it again; involvement in the dowsing scene is a matter of choosing whom you will serve. The idea of choosing to dowse as being a pact with Satan is ridiculed by the liberal Christian as well as the non-Christian. It is a fact, nevertheless, that any involvement with the occult implies required loyalty. If these are not elements of a pact, perhaps we are only hung up on semantics.

This whole idea is no longer a nightmare of the middle ages. The Faustian idea of selling oneself to Satan for success is popular among the youth again today. Whether it started as a gesture of braggadocio or was a serious effort is not known, but once the gesture was made, and a spiritistic response was experienced, the reality of this 'old wives tale' became a working pact. Witchcraft is with us again

Page 135

(or yet?) and the participants are proud and public about it. It is blatantly present in the rock scene with stars confessing spirit instructions, dictation of words, music and inspiration. The average rock listener ridicules this "superstitious" stuff, but those who have been in the professional scene and have had enough and have gotten out, tell it as it is. The dowsing pact, though much less implicit is no less an agreement because of the acceptance of occult favors.

We know of people involved in the occult who are the most happy, loving, carefree, successful persons one could hope to find. They are walking advertisements for the desirability of such a life. They are valuable to Satan, and may continue to be so for some time to come. However, they are subject to sudden abandonment and any attempt to welch, cheat, or escape is dealt with mercilessly. The incidence of insanity and/or suicide runs high among those attempting such foolishness.

This writer is no armchair philosopher, savoring the taste of these stories and ideas, and spitting them out for your entertainment (or disgust). We have been there personally and have survived the hell of escape. We were reduced eventually to the level of an animal trying to hide and enduring the panic of finding no hiding place. Then someone suggested prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and it was tried as a drowning man grasps a thrown rope, and that release and escape was effected has been the subject of daily thanksgiving during the ensuing years.

Page 136

Dowsing as a First Step Into the Occult

It must be clearly understood. We are not suggesting that picking up the dowsing rod or calling in a witcher to locate a water well will certainly result in suicide or insanity. We do say it is the first step in the wrong direction.

The uncertainty of it is that one can never rest assured when the next step (temptation) will be presented, and just how tempting it will be. The certainty of it is that the next step will be presented sooner or later. The Christian is indoctrinated in the rule of "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." This is the one unchangeable aspect of the least involvement with the occult.

We have referred several times to dowsing as the first step, and in several different ways. The following steps are not always experienced in the order we list them, but generally there is a logical order, one building on the last. At least these are the steps that have actually been experienced:

1. Dowsing, using an Ouija Board, going to a 'reader,' etc.

2. An opportunity that can be seized only through further occult means. For instance, if one happens to be in need of further information that cannot be gotten in the yes and no answers of the dowsing device, it may be suggested that a visit to a medium will provide an answer. By this time, that extra bit of information has become so necessary, this step is almost impossible to refuse.

3. After having experienced steps one and two, this important and most attractive new possibility to get information and advice is almost impossible to

Page 137

turn away from. This results in more active participation in mediumism, psychometry, or other exciting psi activities.

4. Some occult ability will suddenly be received. It may be telepathy, retrocognition or precognition, and one is suddenly an active participant in occult manifestations.

5. The final step will be the preparation or indoctrination to receive a "control" or "guide" or "familiar spirit." This may start through vivid and unusual dreams, unexpected and alien (important) ideas, a distinct mental impression (astonishingly different from the usual), and finally, the awareness of something or someone (a presence) nearby generally at the right hand side. Eventually, after a time of introduction, the guide will establish an acceptable and recognizable method of communication.

6. Then, although the recipient is not only unaware of the danger, and will not turn back even if warned, the trouble starts. The guide starts giving advice.

This advice is valuable, resulting in all sorts of advantages and good things. Then, if the advice is not taken, the guide pushes a little for compliance. Then the advice changes to demands—all for the 'good' of the recipient. The demands become stronger and instructions are given as though they must be followed. The person may resist, become angry, and demand to be left alone. It does absolutely no good, because although the guide will back off, it returns again and again endlessly and there is no way to escape. It ends by demanding control of every decision, action, thought and wish.

Page 138

The person who has had no brush with spiritism will find these details impossible to accept as reality. To this person, what we have written on this subject may easily seem to be ridiculous imagination. However, there is one type of reader who will recognize every detail, for it will be as though we recounted his personal experience.

This is not all. The rest of the picture we have witnessed personally. The person so afflicted begins to lose his own personality, and the change is noticeable to the horror of his relatives and friends. The person withdraws more and more from old associations because he or she recognizes what is happening and cannot control it. A different personality emerges and fear lives with him day and night.

At any time during this whole process a person, in desperation, may successfully turn to God for escape, but the further one goes into the occult, the more awful hell one experiences in the fight and the longer it takes. The spirit will be expelled only to return the moment the person's faith wavers, and it must be done all over again. Obviously, the whole thing can, and sometimes does, end in total 'possession' and the person becomes a thing, a zombie, inhabited by an evil spirit that is sadistic and absolutely merciless.

If the reader feels that this is a cheap attempt to frighten, he is half right. It is not cheap, however, for reality never is. This is no witch's tale. It is the absolute truth. We only write it because we are driven by actuality, and with the help and daily

Page 139

protection of God. What we cannot say strongly enough is do not take that first step, and if you have already, wherever you are, turn to God again quickly!

The Blindness of Occult Victims

It would seem that the victim of this hoax might recognize his peril at an early stage and escape, but he does not. He is so enthralled by the excitement and the new experience, no warning seems to reach him. A psychic we know admitted that he had to "get rid of her" (his control) because she was becoming so demanding she wanted to order his every thought and action. She was with him to instruct every minute of his waking time. We asked how he got rid of her. "I just told her to get out," he replied. We asked if she even came back. "Oh yes," he rejoined, "I let her come back sometimes on Sunday mornings just to play around."

This man's control was a 'she,' which appealed to his ego, and made it more exciting to take on such a thing. During the acquaintance time, the personality of the control comes through friendly, personable, and generally identifying itself as either male or female, depending on which will be more enjoyable or acceptable to the psychic. Quite often one learns to talk to it as if it were a real person standing there. As this becomes a habit it may prove embarrassing. We sat in a public lecture by a nationally known telepath. The man was a marvel. He left us breathless. During his lecture he made a statement to a man in the audience who contradicted—him told him he was not right. The telepath was nonplussed.

Page 140

He hesitated, and then turning toward his right (there was no one there) he said sotto voce, "Well, I thought you said—well, if that's true then—Oh, I see, thank you!" And turning back to the man in the audience he corrected himself and the man was satisfied. The audience seemed not to have noticed what had just happened, or its significance. We wondered if there really was such a thing as telepathy, or if it was just another mediumistic trick, for this man was nothing more than a medium!

This fact of a spirit control dictating the actions, decisions and thoughts of a person who allows it, is becoming commonplace and it is frightening. It may be as old as mediumism, but we were made aware of it in the 1960s when writers began to write of the joys of such a companionship. The ways of getting in touch with a "control," "guide," "companion" (or the biblical 'familiar spirit') were described in detail with the admonition to have patience and keep trying until an answer is received. No warning was ever given that once the contact was made, the control immediately started pushing for more and more authority. All that is ever told is that one will be healthier, happier and more successful. Dowsers who are aware that they contact an 'entity' say the same. The contact would be made first thing in the morning every day, and the spirit control would order the day for the person.

The Birth of the New Age of Aquarius

The next time we heard of this thing going public was on receipt of the brochures of the Findhorn Foundation University of Light, 1977 Autumn Conferences.

Page 141

One of the subjects to be presented in seminar was "Birth of a New Age." The New Age way of life is based on David Spangler's book, Revelation: The Birth of a New Age. It is entirely spirit oriented and controlled. They teach "planetary transformation" to start with "a true European spiritual community." It all sounds like The Kingdom established on earth, but it is based on total spirit control of the individual with an icing of loving Brotherhood Of Man. This did not die a-borning as a crackpot idea. It has become a powerful, and growing community. Findhorn, Scotland is its center and Findhorn started with a miracle which has left the world open-mouthed. The wife of an airman stationed in the bleak, windswept, cold east coast of Scotland was a medium. She was shown that she, her husband and friends should purchase land on the spit of land forming one side of Findhorn Bay. It was an area of gravel and sand so desolate that the gorse was stunted. She was shown how they should make "compost" of what was on hand. This small group started a commune and were suddenly in the midst of a horticultural miracle that had the horticultural experts of the world beating a path to their door. Things grew more lush there than in a tropical forest. A few years ago, a reporter for a newspaper went there to visit and report. He wrote that as he entered the area he saw two men struggling under a huge green plant they were attempting to carry. It turned out to be what was left of a single broccoli plant after the heads were harvested. They were taking it to the compost pit. This is another face of the hoax. One sees the miracle and thereafter

Page 142

believes everything told. Horticulturists have tested the soil, compost and method, and have concluded it must be something supernatural that causes such growth. It is not a natural happening.

In 1979, Jacques Vallee wrote Messengers of Deception, UFO Contacts and Cults. (We will comment on his findings at some length in the next chapter.) One of the premises of the growing UFO cults is that man must become the "instrument" for UFOnaut control. (Spirit control.) Man must give up his intellectual independence and become a tool of the spirit world, thinking and acting on spirit instructions only. One Bible commentator wrote that "spiritualism is about to take the world captive," and it appears that it is quite possible unless the Christian world wakes up.

Dowsing For More Than Water

You will notice that we have concentrated on the most pedestrian of the dowsing acts, simple witching, or the finding of water. If it is made clear that this simple act is occult, the rest is easy. Of course, many Christian dowsers insist there is no hint of the occult, and so take their "first step." The other elements of dowsing are certainly more overtly occult, more easily proven so, and we would like to consider them too.

Returning to the findings of Dr. Kurt Koch, who has written more than a dozen books on various activities in the occult world and, although elderly and admittedly tired, he wrote us that he had completed one last volume over which he had suffered unbelievable spirit harassment.

Page 143

Much of his writing is in the form of case histories or examples, and his books devote some space (and some a great deal) to dowsing, and as we mentioned before, to pendulum dowsing. Many who have become victims of psychic or spirit harassment as the result of pendulum diagnosis have come to him for help. His case histories should be read by everyone tempted to dowse. His books here in the U.S. are in paperback4 and are not expensive. However, do not read them to be titillated only. One will find that occult harassment as the result of the dowsing contact is a frightening thing. His books are a very valuable if bitter dose of facts for the Christian who is tempted to play with dowsing.

The medical dowser is certainly one of the occult miracle men of modern medicine. Since World War II he has been diagnosing and prescribing with a success that has stunned the medical world. Although it is true that he has not yet been recognized by the medical societies, the astounding stories of his work occasionally make the news.

The circumstance that renders the stories the more unbelievable is that so often the medical dowser is consulted as the last resort. He gets the hopeless cases, the terminal cases, those that have gone through all the tests and have been officially diagnosed inoperable or cause unknown. yet he calmly causes cures that stir the emotions of not only the intimately involved. but of the general public.

Page 144

Who would dare find fault with what he is doing. Yet the accounts of those who do Christian counseling are consistently full of case histories of serious psychic disruption after even one such treatment. Dr. Koch's books are replete with them, and he warns that the Christian, under no circumstances, can allow himself to be so treated. He tells of case after case where the physical illness was cured only to have the patient become ill with psychic disturbances that are most difficult to cure. This places the loved ones of a sick person in a very difficult and unenviable position. The more serious the illness, the more difficult the choice.

The Question of Predictions

Any monologue on dowsing from the Christian standpoint must consider the ability of the dowsing device to answer questions about the future. The Bible teaches that only God knows the end from the beginning, yet something is wrong somewhere. Psychic predictions about the future have been with us since the dawn of history, and precognition is a recognized psi phenomenon. It is true the predictions of the psychics do not have a phenomenal success incidence, but they are correct often enough to be unnerving.

Some psychics claim their insight is from God, others prattle about the Universal Mind, and yet others are simply and admittedly mediums, tapping the spirit world. Dowsers are taught to use their devices for every type of precognition from forecasting the weather to foretelling future events. It all seems to be another contradiction of the Bible

Page 145

we have learned to accept and live with. Yet, there is a positive explanation.

First, it is necessary to analyze predictions. There are different kinds:

1. Foretelling the pattern of events. This is easily done if one has a 'behind-the-scenes' knowledge of causes—which of course, the spirit world can witness.

2. Predictions of happenings from natural causes. An instance would be the prediction of the death of a well-known public figure. Even the close relatives could be entirely ignorant of an internal condition that the spirit world can easily see. From this knowledge, a fairly accurate prediction of death can be made.

3. Foretelling anything that can be the result of spirit manipulation. These are often tragedies involving more than one person. The spirit manipulation can be of living things or of physical objects. For instance, a man attempts to assassinate the President. When caught and arrested, he cannot give a reason for his action. If a psychic has predicted this (and it has happened), there is reason to suspect spirit manipulation. A person already spirit oppressed, possessed, or mentally ill is a prime candidate for such manipulation. Evidence of spirit manipulation of physical objects is seen going on almost anywhere in the world. This includes everything from spoon bending (Uri Gellar has admitted that an entity standing beside him does this), to the actions of the poltergeists. A UFOnaut predicted the collapse of the 'silver bridge' at Point Pleasant, West Virginia during the UFO flap there in 1967. Collapse it did,

Page 146

just before Christmas eve when the bridge was crowded with cars full of Christmas shoppers returning home. This was obviously a case either of knowledge about a severely weakened bridge member, or actual spirit manipulation.

Finally, there is the possibility of a combination of any of the above. This adds up to an impressive array of causes from which reasonably accurate predictions can be made. Most of these predictions are tragedies. It is only necessary to look at the predictions of Jeane Dixon that have actually happened to see this. Aside from her predictions about the infidelities, vagaries, and dissolution of famous people, most of them that happen are catastrophic or at least unfortunate.

Do not imagine that it is too difficult to get this sort of information from a dowsing device if the dowser has imagination, is quick thinking and persistent. The "yes" and "no" answers of the device are no real deterrent. However, as we have illustrated, dowsing and mediumism (in the sense of obtaining a visual message) often go hand in hand. It might be added here that the psychic who talks in riddles or obscure meanings (Nostradamus) is the most safe and probably the most famous because these predictions can only be evaluated after the event. Then the subsequent predictions become a matter of interest, excitement or concern, depending upon the emotions of the reader.

Now, we can return to an evaluation of the apparent contradiction of the statement that only God knows the beginning from the end. There is a vast difference in knowing the outcome without

Page 147

manipulation to cause it to be so, and that of manipulating events so that what is predicted will occur! One of the important themes of the bible story is the attempt of Satan to discredit everything God said or did. God said only He knows what will transpire from beginning to end in this world. Satan's reply to this is to set up an elaborate hoax of planned (manipulated) or trick incidents to show to the unthinking (or casual) observer that his spirit world also knows the beginning from the end and that God lied again.

A Letter From a Dowser

It might be fitting to end this chapter with a letter that illustrates not only the dowsing mind, but the nearly impossible problem of communicating with that mind. This letter is from a Christian dowser who took umbrage at the 'stupidity' of our stand and wrote us so. This dowser has an excellent university background and is accepted as an intellectual. His letter is quite long and remonstrative, so we will address ourselves only to the five reasons he gives that would cause him to admit dowsing is anything less than a physical phenomenon. He was restrictive (safe) in what he would consider as dowsing, in the type of answers he would accept, in the terminology, and in sources from which he would allow us to quote. In other words, he was a typical modern, yet Christian dowser. We may be somewhat arbitrary in our total acceptance of these restrictions, but we will attempt to make intelligent reply.

At the outset he stated that he would consider simple witching only, and he refers to it correctly as

Page 148

the search for underground water. However, since he maintains it is a physical phenomenon, we must point out that other Christian dowsers who are interested in finding minerals rather than water also claim that dowsing for ores is a purely physical phenomenon.

Reason No. 1: "You could show me a prohibition against finding water with a forked stick in the Scriptures."

Answer No. 1: This man is an excellent Bible student, and he knows full well that "the Scriptures" do not mention either water dowsing or the forked stick device. We also believe he is begging the question, for the Bible does mention the dowsing device of that time and it has come down to us through history what it was used for. We repeat a footnote we supplied in chapter I:

The "wand" is listed in Cruden's Complete Concordance as one of the divining devices. In the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Volume I on page 973 under the heading of Divination, paragraph F, it states, "While the use of a rod or staff for a variety of magico-religious purposes is not uncommon in the O.T. (cf. Ex. 4:4,17; 17:19, the rod of Moses; 7:19, the rod of Aaron), the use of the rod for purposes of divination is referred to in the O.T. only in Hosea 4:12: 'My people inquire of a thing of wood, and their staff gives

Page 149

them oracles.' Here the 'thing of wood' may refer to the Asherah that was a cult object found in all Canaanite sanctuaries of Baal; the 'staff' undoubtedly refers to the practice of rhabdomancy, although the precise technique of this form of divination is not known. It is clear, however, that Hosea condemns such practices." The dictionary definition of rhabdomancy is divination by means of a rod or wand especially in discovering ores, springs of water, etc.

In addition to the above stated, "It is clear, however, that Hosea condemns such practices" we refer you again to Cruden's Complete Concordance for their extensive discourse on divination, in which they state positively that one who practiced divination was called a wizard, and the sentence for practicing wizardry was death!

Reason No. 2: "You could demonstrate a relationship between water forking and devil worship or demon possession by showing that there have been significant cases where one has led to another. I do not want warmed-over 'proofs' that you have taken undigested from someone else."

Answer No. 2: From the restrictions placed on an acceptable answer here, we presume he wants first hand knowledge of significant cases where there is no doubt that water witching resulted in the two cases of extreme Satanic involvement. No, we have never personally witnessed this.

Page 150

A modern dowser using a very old method. In bible times this was referred to as divining with a "staff." The unseen force pulling the stick down is so strong, a firm hold is necessary for success.

Page 151


We believe he is making this problem much too simple. The time and circumstances between water witching (presuming this was truly the introduction to the occult) and demon possession, or the decision to worship Satan is so great, this question is almost ridiculous. One would have to start backwards and trace all actions, decisions, and happenings for, maybe, years to the "first step" to form a case history. Dr. Hobart E. Freeman does state that this has happened, but he gives no corroborative details or evidence.5 He simply states that a case of insanity was traceable to "this ancient method of divination." He made it clear that he referred to water witching. That there is often almost immediate intrusion into the life by Satanic forces is a matter of record. Dr. Kurt Koch relates a case history of a "well known Christian dowser." He was so successful he was well paid for his work. Dr. Koch sums up his condition, "He told me, however, when I talked with him, that when he searches for water, he cannot

Page 152

pray properly for days. During this time if he wants to read the Bible he gets spots before his eyes. If he hears a person preaching the word of God, he cannot concentrate at all, however hard he tries."6 Dr. Freeman also commented on this. He stated that one Christian dowser had difficulty with a "serious problem over which he could not achieve victory," and another suffered from a resistance to scriptural teaching concerning the Holy Spirit. They were both water witchers.

Reason No. 3: "You could demonstrate that the action of the rod was blocked by prayer."

Answer No. 3: If the word "demonstrate" means personal experience, again we have to say "No." If it means known instances, we give two case histories from Dr. Koch's records.7

Case History No. 1

The brother of a man in Gebweiler, France, called in a dowser to find water on the man's residence property. The man was a Christian. He discovered his brother's action when the dowser appeared on his property and began to dowse. He went into his house and knelt down to pray,

Page 153

"Lord, if this man's power is not from You, then stop it working. If, on the other hand, You've given him his ability, then let him be successful in looking for water." After his prayer he went out into the garden and heard the man swearing, " . . . What's wrong with it? I found water here a moment ago, and now it won't work." Dr. Koch goes on to say that a power that can be blocked by prayer is certainly not from God.

Case History No. 2

Two Christian missionaries, Mr. and Mrs. McElheran were stationed in the interior of Africa where there was a great need for water. Mrs. McElheran learned that she had the ability to dowse. She found many wells in the area, but she found, as time passed, that she was becoming more and more upset and on edge. This became so severe that it was the cause of an earlier return home than had been planned. She grew worse and was finally confined to her bed although the doctor failed to find anything from which to form a diagnosis. One day a friend brought her one of Dr. Koch's books to read and she was amazed at what she read on the divining rod. Getting out of bed, she found her dowsing rod, walked out into the garden and dowsed until she got the reaction of water. Then she stood and prayed, "Lord, if this ability is not from you, then take it away!"

Page 154

From that moment on the rod would not work. Breaking it in pieces she prayed for forgiveness, and asked God to heal her. She was no longer ill.

Case History No. 3

A Christian man wanted to find if there was a water source in his garden. A dowser found two places where he said there was water. When they dug there, no water was found. The dowser was dumbfounded, claiming that this had never happened to him before. The man confessed he had prayed about the matter beforehand because he was not certain a Christian should be using a dowser. The dowser replied, "Well, that's why! Of course it wouldn't work!"8

However, it must be pointed out again that there are circumstances where prayer has proven ineffective. One is the prayer to prove to the onlooker that there is nothing wrong with dowsing. This prayer is by the dowser whose mind is made up beforehand that it is not a wrong act. Another prayer that has proven ineffective is one prayed during the heat of a dowsing argument in an effort to prove a point. We believe no further comment is necessary, except that these two unanswered prayers tell some interesting things about praying.

Page 155

Reason No. 4: "You could show that the act of finding water was inherently evil, or detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the finder or the beneficiary."

Answer No. 4: We believe that it is self-evident that the fact the action of the rod in water witching can be blocked by sincere prayer truly labels it "inherently evil." That it is detrimental to the health of the dowser is a matter of record. Dr. Hobart E. Freeman in the section on "Water Divining" of his book Every Wind of Doctrine, writes, "Dowsers speak of experiencing such things as dizziness, nausea, convulsive pains, increased pulse rate and heart beat, muscle spasms, fainting and headaches both during and after dowsing." He goes on to point out that the non-Christian dowser exhibits the same opposition to Christianity as do other occult practitioners, and Christian dowsers frequently show resistance to biblical truths. He ends the seven and a half pages on the examination of water divining by observing, "Dowsers frequently show evidence of psychic disturbances, and mental or physical illnesses, as well as other forms of occult oppression or subjection. In view of all these facts it should be clear that the practice of water witching, or the use of the rod or pendulum for any reason, places an individual under the influence and control of the forces of darkness and is in disobedience

Page 156

to the prohibitions against divination in the word of God."9 As we pointed out before, the case histories of Dr. Kurt Koch are also illustrative of the psychic, psychological and spiritual disturbances. There is much evidence of the ill effects on the "beneficiary" in other types of dowsing, but we have heard no report of this in water witching. This is not to say it does not happen.

Reason No. 5: "You could show that the forked stick itself has occult associations."

Answer No. 5: We believe that everything we have presented here shows that the forked stick or any other dowsing device has nothing but occult associations.

We chose this letter from among others to illustrate our dilemma. This man is, as we stated earlier, an intellectual, and as such, he would be horrified if someone at his level of education would make statements in his field of knowledge that illustrates such a lack of digging out facts that are there for anyone to see. In this case his arbitrary demand to exclude all elements of dowsing except water witching, and his refusal to accept any text not specifying "water forking" or water divining, all of which are fundamental and historical, is like entering

Page 157

a discussion about peanuts only to discover the restriction that only the shell may be discussed.

We can be no more positive than to state that dowsing is making contact with the spirit world just as certainly as using the Ouija Board. The spirit world contacted is the world of evil spirits or angels under the leadership of Satan. The Christian who dowses removes himself from the protection of God if he has the least doubt about it or if he has been warned. After all, we do have responsibility toward ourselves. It is pure presumption to suspect or know and yet to try to pray for protection.

Finally, a word or two to the non-Christian or the liberal Christian dowsing addict who has read this far and laughs in ridicule. We say "Stop it!" You are the last one who has the right to ridicule the conservative Christian viewpoint of the occult. Our view of the reality of the unknown is every bit as good as yours, and is certainly more conclusive!


1 John A. Keel, THE EIGHTH TOWER, p. 19. New American Library, New York

2 2 Corinthians 11:13, 14. Any translation.

3 Romans 3:8.

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