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DOWSINGby Ben G. Hester



My unbounded admiration and appreciation of the unflagging patience and discerning ear of my wife Dorothy, who, in spite of the foreign language of dowsing and the occult, never once, by word or look, gave any hint of disinterest.

Cecyl Rentfro relayed case histories and dowsing news to us from central California, and we thank him.

Bibliographer Richard Sharffenberg generously made his extensive library on dowsing available to us.

Thanks to my longtime friend, Dr. H. A. Wilcox for his research and encouragement.


I must add my personal appreciation for the continued friendliness of Bessie Rentfro, Gerry's wife, who has taken thousands of phone calls in the last six years and could not entirely avoid hearing our interminable arguments and discussions.

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