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Re-visioning the Role of Ellen White, and other papers

by Arthur Patrick


On this page we present several articles by Dr. Arthur Patrick, D.Min, Ph.D, who has served the church as pastor, evangelist, teacher, and administrator on two continents, as well as director of the EGW/SDA Research Center for the South Pacific Division. Now in very active retirement, he continues to research, publish, lecture, and serve on vital committees in the South Pacific Division. . . . Click here to read more about Dr. Patrick.

Ellen White, Yesterday and Today: Understanding and Affirming the Ministry of the Most Creative Seventh-day Adventist.  A paper prepared for the  Being Adventist in Twenty-first Century Australia Conference held September 13-15, 2002. 

Learning from Ellen White's Perception and Use of Scripture:   Toward an Adventist Hermeneutic for the Twenty-first Century A paper prepared for the South Pacific Division Theological Conference, February 2003.

Re-visioning the Role of Ellen White for Seventh-day Adventists Beyond 2000. This paper presents a historical look at the church's use and understanding of Ellen White, as well as a vision for the future.

Ellen White and Adventists in the 1990'sA condensed version of  "Re-visioning the Role of Ellen White".

Ellen White, the Adventist Church, and Its Religion Teachers.  This  paper for religion teachers  acknowledges their commitment, the ways they are often misunderstood, and the  essentiality of their role in the church.

Historians of Adventism: Their Agony, Ecstasy, and Potential.This paper for Adventist historians seeks to recognize their intentions, the agony they have experienced, and the potential they have for the church which so often marginalizes them.

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