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Seventh-day Adventists hold to the Reformation view of salvation. We are saved by Grace through faith. This is to say that salvation is a gift of God given freely by his gracious acts toward us, not because of any merit on the part of the sinner, or any obligation on His part, but solely because of His love for us and our great need as members of a sinful race. This is justification by faith, which secures for us our eternal salvation. Adventists also stress the reality of the change in our lives and behavior that will be evident in those who have been justified by faith. Some, seeing this stress on sanctification, sometimes get confused as to the proper relationship between being saved by grace and living the Christian life that follows. Materials here are designed to clarify these issues.
Ellen White On the Humanity of Christ
Designed as a companion to his book on salvation, Whidden's objectives here are to shed light on the lingering debate over the nature of Christ and to clarify how Ellen White's unfolding understanding of the nature of Christ influenced her teachings on salvation.
Ellen White On Salvation
Subtitled, A Chronological Study this book by Woodrow Whidden is designed to help us reconstruct the development of Ellen White's beliefs on the salvation of humankind.  By giving us a historical perspective he  helps us understand why she gave different emphases  to her teachings on justification and perfection at  different times according to the need of the era.  His aim is to help us see the overall consistency of her teachings when seen in historical perspective and thus hopefully to resolve some of the tensions in Adventism today regarding these issues.

SDA Statements of belief on Salvation 
The three sections of the 1980 Official Statement of 27 Fundamental beliefs which most directly address the topic of salvation.  Also see the complete Statement.

Our High Priest 
Subtitled, Jesus Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary, this book by Edward Heppenstall presents Christ, the one Mediator between God and man, as central to salvation history, from the inception of sin to its final eradication.  The aim of the author is not only to give information about the subject, but to present it in such a way that the reader will experience an encounter with the living Christ, manís one High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary

Altar Call 
Subtitled, A call to meet Christ at the Altar, this book by Roy Gane addresses questions such as: What is the relationship between Leviticus and Hebrews? Between the ancient Hebrew sacrificial system and Christ's sacrifice on the cross? Where is Jesus now?  What is he doing? What does this have to do with my salvation?  This book is still available. Order information is included on the Table of Contents page.  Though you can read the entire book on-line you'll want to order a copy for yourself as well as take advantage of Roy's special quantity discounts for your church study group use. 

Salvation Unlimited 
Subtitled, Perspectives in Righteousness by Faith, by Edward Heppenstall, who, though he was one of the foremost SDA theologians, says of his book, "It is not my purpose to raise theological issues" but to "address the hearts of my readers with the urgency of the claims of Jesus Christ."

 Subtitled, A beginning-to-end explanation of how we are granted a perfect relationship with God, by Arnold Valentin Wallenkampf, this book examines all aspects of salvation.

  • Sin, the reason for our need of a Saviour,
  • Forensic justification,
  • Justification by faith,
  • Sanctification,
  • Obedience, ...
  • and more.

Perfect in Christ 
Subtitled, The Mediation of Christ in the Writings of Ellen G. White, by Helmut Ott, addresses questions having to do with:

  • The mediation of Christ.
  • Perfection.
  • Righteousness.
  • The final generation.
  • The end of probation.
  • How Ellen White's views compare with scripture.

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