Women In Ministry

Special Committee, SDA Theological Seminary - Nancy Vyhmeister,  editor 

Committee Members

Michael Bernoi
Walter B. T. Douglas
Jacques B. Doukhan
Roger L. Dudley
Jon L. Dybdahl
Jo Ann Davidson
Richard M. Davidson
Robert M. Johnston

Jerry Moon
W. Larry Richards
Russell L. Staples
Peter M. van Bemmelen
Nancy Jean Vyhmeister
Randal R. Wisbey
Alicia A. Worley

Contributors' Profiles

Daniel A. Augsburger, Professor of Historical Theology, Emeritus.
Writing from retirement, Augsburger brings to his writing a wealth of experience in teaching theology and church history. He holds two doctorates: his Ph.D. dissertation was on religious feeling in the Middle Ages; his Th.D. dissertation dealt with Calvin and the Mosaic Law.

Michael Bernoi, Master of Divinity student at the Theological Seminary.
Before coming to the Seminary, Bernoi worked as a pastor for three years. While a Seminary student, he helped to plant a new Adventist church in Berrien Springs. 

Jo Ann Davidson, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
Jo Ann Davidson is a wife, mother, and new teacher at the Seminary. She also writes a column discussing theological issues ("Let's Face It") in the journal Perspective Digest.   

Richard M. Davidson, J. N. Andrews Professor of Old Testament Interpretation.
Chairman of the Old Testament Department at the Seminary, Davidson was elected Teacher of the Year by the Student Forum in 1998. He holds a doctorate in Old Testament from the SDA Theological Seminary. He and Jo Ann are the parents of two lively teenagers. 

Raoul Dederen, Professor of Theology, Emeritus.  
Dean of Adventist theologians, Dederen has specialized in systematic theology and Roman Catholicism. He writes from an active retirement. 

Walter B. T. Douglas, Professor of Church History and History of Religion.  
A native of Grenada, Douglas chairs the Church History Department and pastors the All Nations Church in Berrien Springs. 

Jacques B. Doukhan, Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis.
Doukhan holds a doctorate in Hebrew Letters from the University of Strassbourg and a Th.D. from Andrews University, where he currently teaches Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis. He is also the editor of Shabbaat Shalom and L'Olivier. He has authored many articles and seven books.

Roger L. Dudley, Professor of Church Ministry and Director, Institute of Church Ministry.
Roger Dudley has spent nearly 45 years in the ministry of teaching, preaching, writing, and researching. He has authored 12 books and 160 articles. His interests lie in the intersection of religion and the behavioral sciences.

Jon L. Dybdahl, Professor of World Mission.
Chairman of the World Mission Department at the Theological Seminary, Dybdahl has served as pastor, pioneer missionary in Asia, and college religion teacher. A multi-faceted person, his doctorate is in Old Testament and he teaches spiritual formation for pastors.

J. H. Denis Fortin, Associate Professor of Theology.
A son of French Canada, Fortin pastored for a number of years while completing a degree in theology and church history at Université Laval in Quebec. Besides teaching historical theology, Fortin enjoys family and Pathfindering.

Robert M. Johnston, Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins.
Chairman of the New Testament Department at the Seminary, Johnston has specialized in the study of New Testament backgrounds. A long-time missionary in Korea, Johnston combines New Testament scholarship and all things Oriental. He is the author of two books and numerous articles and papers.

George R. Knight, Professor of Church History.
A well-known writer, Knight has authored 18 books, mostly on Adventist topics. He is currently editor of the Bible Amplifier, a commentary series published by Pacific Press. When he is not preaching around the world, he loves hiking and backpacking.

Keith Mattingly, Associate Professor of Religion.
In 1997 Mattingly wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on laying on of hands. Mattingly teaches religion classes to the undergraduates. His passion is helping to make God "real" to his students.

Jerry Moon, Associate Professor of Church History and Associate Editor AUSS.
After 11 years of pastoring, Moon returned to Andrews where he obtained his Ph.D. in Church History and was invited to join the faculty. His area of specialty is Adventist Studies. Moon served as the very efficient secretary of the committee.

W. Larry Richards, Professor of New Testament Exegesis.
Besides teaching exegetical courses, Richards directs the New Testament Greek Manuscript Center at Andrews University, the largest collection in North America of Greek manuscripts on microfilm. His published research on Greek manuscripts puts him among the few specialists in the area of textual criticism.

Russell L. Staples, Professor of Missions, Emeritus.
Retired but still teaching, Staples served in the Department of World Mission for 25 years. Previously he spend 10 years as a pastor in South Africa and 10 years at Solusi College. He has a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Princeton Theolog-ical Seminary with ancillary studies in anthropology from Princeton University.

Peter M. van Bemmelen, Professor of Theology.
A native of the Netherlands, van Bemmelen was a missionary in Trinidad and Surinam. After completing his Ph.D. at Andrews University, he became a lecturer at Newbold College. From there he returned to Andrews as a professor in 1993.

Nancy Jean Vyhmeister, Professor of World Mission.
With 35 years of experience in training young ministers, Vyhmeister has taught Greek and biblical studies, as well as research methods for theology students. Currently she is editor of Andrews University Seminary Studies. The wife of a pastor, she has participated in ministry on three continents.

Randal R. Wisbey, Associate Professor of Youth Ministry and Director of the M.A. in Youth Ministry.
Founder of the Center for Youth Evangelism at Andrews University, Wisbey is recognized for his creative work in the areas of youth culture and generational studies. In June of 1998 he became President of Canadian University College.

Alicia A. Worley, Masters in Physical Therapy, M.A. in Anthropology, currently an M.Div. student.
Raised as a missionary's kid in Africa, Worley understands better than most how people are affected by their culture. As she nears completion of her program she looks forward to team pastoring in Ecuador with her new husband Ricardo Palacios.


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