Women In Ministry

Special Committee, SDA Theological Seminary - Nancy Vyhmeister,  editor 

Part One: Ministry in The Bible

Part One explores the theological meaning of the different forms of priesthood and ministry among God's people throughout the Bible.  From the gates of Eden onward, patriarchs offered animal sacrifices in worship.  At the Exodus, the priestly ministry was restricted to physically perfect, male descendants of Aaron.  In the New Testament, the priesthood of all believers becomes normative for God's new-covenant people (chap.1).  Chapter 2 explores reasons for the exclusion of women from the sacrificial aspect of the priesthood while they were permitted to function as judges and prophets.  The forms of New Testament ministry (chap. 3) were varied, yet might be subsumed under the idea of servant-hood—individuals gifted for service.  The meaning and importance of the biblical rite of laying on of hands in setting apart for ministry are discussed in chapter 4.  Together these four chapters paint a picture of the form and substance of ministry throughout the Bible.


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