Women In Ministry

Special Committee, SDA Theological Seminary - Nancy Vyhmeister,  editor 

Part Five: Other Considerations

The Bible must remain the basis for a decision to ordain or not to ordain women to ministry.  However, in the late 1990s other factors contribute to the discussion, especially in North America.  Many view the action of allowing women to pastor and yet denying them the recognition of ordination as gross injustice; this topic is considered in chapter 18.  White slaveholders used the Bible to sustain their subjugation of their Black brothers and sisters; chapter 19 explores the similarity between those arguments and the ones used to exclude women from the ordained ministry.  In the last 1990s the Seventh-day Adventist Church is culturally, racially, and socially diverse; each member is part of a culture and thus views issues—even the Bible—differently.  Therefore, we must remember that we are not culture-free in our own interpretation and must commit ourselves to study differing positions and prayerfully seek the Spirit's direction to resolve the issue of women in ministry (chap. 20).


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