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Perfect In Christ

Helmut Ott

About the Book

Dr. Ott's book directly addresses questions that have arisen within the SDA church in the areas of salvation and perfection, especially as they pertain to the final generation that will still be alive on planet earth when Jesus returns. The official position of the SDA church has always been that which is reflected in their current statement of beliefs, that salvation is a gift of God received through faith alone. However, all through the years of our history there have been those who looked at the biblical injunctions to be perfect and have deduced that this had a special -- and different -- application to individuals of the "final generation" than what it has had to all those who have gone before.

This has sometimes grown into views "that, instead of stressing Jesus as the only source of saving righteousness for fallen man, actually make the believer's own behavior modification the measure of his standing with God."

Thus the questions arise: What is perfection? How can we possibly achieve it? How can we have the assurance of being saved if salvation depends upon our performance? Will Jesus continue waiting until some 'final generation' achieves this perfection of character before he returns in the clouds of heaven?

Dr. Ott believes that the answers to questions like these are to be found in an increased understanding of the mediatorial work of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary.

Thus he gives as the three major objectives in writing this book. "First, to restore Christ's high-priestly ministry to the forefront of our attention and refine our understanding of what Jesus, as our representative and advocate with the Father, is presently doing. Second, to enhance our relationship with Christ as our mediator and remind us that His atoning death, redemptive victory, and saving righteousness are the only basis of our acceptance with God, our only hope of salvation. And third, to provide a fairly systematic and reasonably comprehensive structure to the many teachings we find on this subject in Ellen White's writings."

We invite you to follow him as he portrays Jesus as the powerful mediator who silences our accusers, removes our filthy garments, and covers us with the glorious robe of His righteousness. In so doing, He presents us to the Father as completely righteous -- by faith -- Perfect in Christ.

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