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Perfect In Christ

Helmut Ott

About the Author

Dr Helmut Ott has divided his life between the continents of North and South America, and his ministry between the fields of Theology and Modern Languages. Born in Germany, he moved with his family to South America when only three years of age. He received his BA in theology from the SDA College in Argentina and did pastoral work in Uraguay and taught Bible on the college level in Brazil before moving to the United States to continue his education.

With his proficiency in four languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, and English), it is easy to see why his ministry through the years involved the teaching of modern languages as well as theology and religion. After receiving his advanced degrees from Andrews University, Ott returned to Southern College, where he taught Religion classes for 6 years (including classes in Righteousness by Faith and Adventist Heritage) before moving to the Modern Languages department. He retired from chairing this department in June, 2000 and now anticipates turning his attention again to the areas that interest him most -- religion and theology, especially the grand themes of righteousness by faith, the plan of salvation, and how these are made more comprehensible through an understanding of the sanctuary and its services.

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