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The Covenants

Some Christians take the position that there are two covenants given in scripture which correspond to two dispensations, or two ways of salvation ... one of law and the other of Grace. Seventh-day Adventists, however, believe that salvation has always been by Grace through faith. Men were never saved by the keeping of the law. How then do we understand the biblical passages that speak of an "Old Covenant" or a "New Covenant"? Why do we insist that there are not two dispensations? Why do we teach that both law and gospel were given at Sinai and both law and gospel were established and magnified by Christ? These questions and more are addressed in the material below.

The Covenants and the Law


The Covenants and the Plan of Redemption

The Law in Christian Doctrine and Experience

The Law and the Gospel United for Christ’s Righteousness

Edward Heppenstall

Dr. Heppenstall trained generations of Adventists ministers and scholars--as Professor of Theology at La Sierra College, Chairman of the Department of Systematic Theology at the SDA Theological Seminary, Andrews University, and Professor of Theology at Loma Linda University. These three papers were presented at the SDA World-Wide Bible Conference held in 1952 at the Sligo SDA church in Takoma Park, Maryland. Copyright, Review and Herald Publishing Assn. Used by permission.

Sabbath and the New Covenant

By Roy Gane

Dr. Gane is an Associate Professor in the Old Testament Department of the SDA Theological Seminary,  Andrews University.  In this paper he "explores the overall question: Is literal rest on the seventh day Sabbath a part of the "new covenant" experience to be enjoyed by Christians today? An answer to this question is reached through biblical exegesis which investigates the Sabbath's scope of applicability."

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