Clear Word "Bible"

Summer of 1994 saw the release of the "Clear World Bible."

This book was written as a personal devotional exercise by Dr. Jack Blanco.The New Testament had evidently been available for several years through the Southern College Press. It was published (with him as private publisher), and printed by the Review and Herald, this time with the whole Bible. It claims to be a paraphrase of the Bible. It is printed in chapter-and-verse format, two columns to the page.

The introduction suggests that it is not for public reading in churches,etc., but what we are hearing suggests that it is already getting a fairly wide usage for that purpose, Sabbath School lessons, church school Bible classes, etc. IT has been advertised at least twice with a full-color full-page advertisement on the back of the Adventist Review, which includes endorsements from the General Conference president, Richard Davisson of Andrews University, and others. (These endorsements also appear on the back jacket of the book). (1)

Identity of the Clear Word

Endorsement by Pastor Robert Folkenberg

Dust Jacket Endorsements

Review Advertisement

Preface Excerpts

Reservations about Clear Word

A letter from David Newman, Editor of _Ministry_magazine. (1994)

Comparison of Clear Word to Modern Translation(NRSV) and Ellen White Writings.

Warren Trenchard PhD

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