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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Keeping Spirituality Alive SEPTEMBER 20


He . . . went into the borders of Tyre and Sidon, and entered into an house, and would have no man know it: but he could not be hid. Mark 7:24.

There is a modesty and a humility about Christ that asks for no recognition. He never advertised Himself. At the same time He could not be hid. A genuine goodness like that is self-revealing. As Christians we are to he like the Master. Innate Christian goodness is bound to shine through. People will get wind of it. Wherever there is a loyal disciple of Christ, there he will be known.

The world needs, more than anything else, Christians who love and care. The world cries out for such as are like Christ. The true Christian cannot be hid. He does not need to solicit attention or crave recognition. He who knows Christ will he sought from far and wide, as the queen of Sheba came from afar to see the king of Israel.

When the Syrophoenician woman made her needs known to Christ, He helped her. His compassion triumphed over every desire to withdraw into isolation. The Christ who sought to avoid all publicity yielded to the woman's need for love and healing power.

To withdraw into a monastery or a place of retreat can be either an expression of consecration to God or an expression of selfishness. Christianity does not shun the world or seek to escape from its problems by solitude, by moving as far as possible from sinful men. A Christian who seeks a life of retirement from working for others can be a good man. But it must never be forgotten that we are called upon to sacrifice ourselves for the world's need. There is always the temptation to dwell comfortably in our houses, forgetful of the misery and needs of others who stand at our door. We cannot retire in sheltered tranquillity. The world's need made Christ visible and known. It will make His followers visible, too. Granted that great Christians shun observation and publicity. The saving righteousness of Christ lays the glory of man in the dust. Nevertheless, the time comes for our revelation to men. The needs and cravings of lost men and women for what Christ is and has, draw forth the love of Christ's followers.

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