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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Keeping Spirituality Alive SEPTEMBER 8


My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God. Ps. 42:2.

Is it true that, in the midst of our worldly comforts, riches, and pleasures, we thirst for God? That we are not satisfied with all the things we have? It seems reasonable to believe that though we may have everything in this life to make us content, without this hunger for God we lack everything.

Has your heart and mind been satisfied lately with God's forgiveness of your sins and the removal of your guilt? Has the love of God enabled you to face the truth about yourself so that you don't need to put on a veneer or a phony front? Has Christ led you to the truth that makes you free? As you come to worship from Sabbath to Sabbath have you heard His voice speaking to your heart? In the midst of toil and care, and the responsibilities in the home have you felt the need for His peace in facing the irritations of life?

You see, deep within its we really cannot be satisfied with anything less than God. We live in a sinful world and have no escape from it. We know that this world has no solution to our inner needs and cravings. Day by day the still small voice breaks in upon our minds, reminding us of our great need of God, that God has a role in our lives and seeks to satisfy us.

This hunger we have for God is not a false feeling aroused by our excited minds and frequent fears, but a great desire that God has placed in our hearts. Ever since Adam and Eve were separated from God, there has been a great lack in the human heart that only the coming of Christ can satisfy. We were never meant to live apart front God any more than we were intended to live separate from our loved ones.

Let us yield to our hunger for God. Let us listen to the cry of our hearts for God and the heart of God for us: two persons meant for each other.

God continually searches for His lost children. Because this is true, we feel a profound need for God. Sooner or later, health, wealth, friends and loved ones, and even life itself, may fail us. The satisfaction God is to you is the destiny of your soul. Right now, would you settle for less than God's satisfaction of your heart and life?

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