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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Faithful to Christ OCTOBER 12


Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world. Titus 2:12.

The Roman statesman, Pliny, wrote a letter describing the Christians. He governed the province of Asia Minor. As a result of Paul's great work of evangelism, the Christians were so numerous in his province that, as Pliny complained, the pagan temples stood empty and deserted. He knew little or nothing about Christian doctrine, but he knew that Christians worshiped Jesus Christ as divine. He said that they were just in their dealings, honest, chaste, truthful, and trustworthy. Just think of it: what struck these pagans was the pure, honest, true, and upright lives of the Christians.

God has commissioned us with the everlasting gospel to the world. We do well to believe that. It is not enough that we consent to the truth. We must embody God's truth in every part of our daily lives. The world needs lives, not just words; pure examples, not lengthy speculations; loving service, not a new theory of ethics. We are to produce the deepest impression on the people of this generation.

Any one of us who, by the power of the Holy Spirit, turns everyday life and work into an opportunity for diligence, integrity, purity, and love, will do more for the cause of God than if we spoke with the tongues of men and of angels. Daniel and his friends were both noble and good. When we consider the dangers and the temptations that come to young men in such high places, a genuinely godly man must be one of the most admirable of men and recognized as such.

There was food and wine of the richest sort; there was also the danger of displeasing the king and being cast into a dungeon. Would we have been surprised if Daniel had reasoned, "What does it matter? The motions and traditions of our fathers are out of date. Our policy is to please the king." If he had given in, his life would be unwritten and unsung. But he and his friends stood firm.

It is this kind of allegiance and integrity Christ needs today.

The noblest of young men and women who walk the earth are needed at such a time. There seems to be so little of that type of Christian character.

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