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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Faithful to Christ OCTOBER 2


If from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart. Deut. 4:29.

The British journalist, Malcolm Muggeridge, wrote a book, Jesus Rediscovered. for most of his life he had been an unbeliever and a skeptic. He was interviewed on the television by a leading minister in the United States who asked him, "Why do you speak of rediscovering Jesus when He was never lost? He is better known than any other man who has ever lived." Muggeridge replied, "I do not mean that I had not heard of Jesus or read about Him. But for years Jesus Christ has been lost to my own understanding and experience. I now know Him as the answer to all my needs."

The unique power of Jesus Christ is His ability to reach men. We become a certain kind of people as a result of meeting Him, the kind of people He intended us all to be. We do not find Christ until we sense His claim upon our lives. We must take Him seriously. In a way it seems passing strange that when people get sick and in trouble, suddenly they feel a great need to trust God and experience His healing and delivering power. However, it is wonderful to realize that God has been there all the time.

The man who goes to church only when he gets sick and in need of help is saying, "God, You mean a little to me, but not much." The person who never goes to church to worship and to meet with God says, "God, You just do not mean a thing to me. I do not need You." The man who never prays is saying the same thing. When we study the Bible and pray, we say: "God I need You. I trust You. I am dependent on You. I love You for what You are."

All this has to do with us as persons and a personal God. Nothing meets our needs or solves our problems without this relationship—God and I.

Service for God is a consequence of our knowing Him. This does not mean He is indifferent to our willingness to serve. But much religious programming is incidental. God wishes to share His love with us, for us to believe and accept that love. Then we want God at the heart of our lives. We have shifted our center from self to Christ.

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