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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Good Success NOVEMBER 29


Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees . . . ! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men. Matt. 23:13.

There is a Christian intolerance which is not narrow and dogmatic. None of us who love the truth should feel lenient toward the evil and the corruption that mark so much of life today. A capacity for high resentment against that which destroys people is essential. No man really loves truth who does not hate untruth. No man really loves righteousness who does not feel within him something of the opposition of God against unrighteousness.

Unfortunately, tolerance of sin is often recommended. In truth it entails a neutrality on moral issues that leads to the spread of evil and the poisoning of life itself. Many hold an easy accommodation toward sin under the impression that there is something Christian about such an attitude. Not for a moment can we regard the highest good of our children and our friends as open to question.

We must maintain truth and oppose untruth. We must do this with love. Anything that exalts Christ should be proclaimed. Anything that ignores Christ and shuts Him out should be opposed. Abhorrence of impurity is indispensable to purity.

The more one loves good music, the more distasteful to him is cheap Music. The more one loves art, the more abhorrent are the crude and almost pornographic paintings and prints that pass under the name of art, and the more indignant he is against that which ministers to immorality and lust.

I am not in the least disposed to belittle tolerance of other people's views on religion or their right to differ with me. But we must be convinced that we have found the truth, that we have been led by the Spirit into truth.

People often use the word "dogmatic" when speaking of those whose stand on Bible truth is unshakable and whose advocating of it is unbending. But if tolerance means that one is never certain of anything, then this is one of the most discouraging obstacles to winning others to Christ. We need to be divinely empowered to offer the truth of God's Word with clear, searching force.

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