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IN TOUCH WITH GOD   by Edward Heppenstall

Committed to God MARCH 24


How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God? Gen. 39:9.

These words spoken by Joseph in the hour of temptation hold the key to victory over sin. Joseph's religious commitment led to his great moral character. He was perfectly assured when he met with temptation. His responsibility to God effected in him strength for every trial and victory over every sin. In spite of his being sold as it slave at 18 years of age, he was never inclined to give way to the idea that God had forsaken him. He was so absolutely sure of God that his loyalty never wavered.

This is a perfectly sound Christian principle by which to face temptation and trial. If you have not done so, try it. You will stand amazingly firm. You will shake off the influence of public opinion that pressures you to go the wrong way. But standing consciously before the face of the eternal God is no light matter. It is not done with a superficial air or a taken-for-granted assurance. With Joseph, his was no milk-and-water religion. All he did was under the clear conviction: "Thou God seest me," as Hagar had realized.

What people think or say about us is not the supreme consideration. The position we take in terms of our responsibility to God does matter. Men have grown used to setting up their own moral standards. All too often men assure us that moral commitments depend largely on their moods and tastes. The whole catalog of modern sins is dressed up so as to look quite proper. And all the time there is a righteous God who has determined the moral character we are to develop and the moral code we are to obey. This is far more final than any appeal to man.

It is not necessary that we should be rich, but that we should first be it firm and true Christian. It is not essential that we should prosper, be popular, or famous. That may be detrimental to us. But it is essential that we live in the sight of God. He is the witness to our thoughts and actions. The eyes of God, of the angels, of a multitude of heavenly witnesses, are concentrated upon us. When tempted to sin let our most powerful restraint be: "How can I do anything so wicked and sin against God?"

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