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IN TOUCH WITH GOD   by Edward Heppenstall

Committed to God MARCH 15


So with faith; if it does not lead to action, it is in itself a lifeless thing. James 2:17, N.E.B.

It is possible to claim to have faith and still fail to produce works of obedience and love. The result is deception and hypocrisy. The Pharisees of Christ's day held a false faith. At no time in the history of religion have pride, greed, covetousness, hostility, impurity, and disobedience been more tolerated than today.

To profess faith in God and in His Word either makes us more like Christ or worse off than we were, depending on whether it changes our lives or leaves us unregenerate and unsanctified. Faith in Christ must exalt Christian character and personal holiness. It must reject all that would suppress the truth and righteousness. The Bible insists that we hold the right kind of faith—the faith of Jesus. Let us study the life He lived on earth. We see the most perfect character. We discover full obedience to His Father's commandments. In Him truth is clear. Biblical morality is revealed. All that is virtuous and Godlike is seen in His life.

Christ said that even if we have only a grain of genuine trust in God, works will follow, obstacles will be removed. Out of genuine faith will spring purity and righteousness, victory over sin, unselfish service and a life of good works. How wonderful it is when a person is born with musical talent, artistic ability, or any special quality. But much more significant is the gift of true faith, even though it be the size of a mustard seed. We may be sure that our Lord will not give us faith that fails to extend God's truth to our lives, to our hands, and to our hearts. We need to take care when we claim to hold a faith that does not change our lives. We are no better than the genius with unique talents that lie dormant and are not exercised.

Faith in Christ means trust in Him, fellowship with Him, devotion to Him. Such a dynamic relationship is the guarantee of righteous living, and of loving obedience to God's commandments. "Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matt. 7:16). All our good works are traced to our faith union with Him. Nothing is real in the Christian life except as it grows out of our faith in Christ.

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