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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Witnesses Unto Me JUNE 13


Those who have come to believe in God should see that they engage in honourable occupations, which are not only honourable in themselves, but also useful to their fellow-men. Titus 3:8, N.E.B.

The truth we believe should unfold before men in a life of holiness, honesty, righteousness, usefulness to men, exercising a Christian influence, and in all other ways beneficial. Christians should follow honest occupations and should be honest in those occupations.

God's last message cannot carry out the will of God if it cannot be true to itself. The kind of life that results in loss of moral and spiritual strength can help no one's faith. We are not to modernize our content of truth so that God's will is no longer understood. Tolerance of other people's views must not mean laxity with our own. Much of so-called religious tolerance is indifference to the truth.

Christians of the first century clearly understood this. They branded many of the common and popular practices as dishonest. They could accept no public office that involved the burning of incense to Caesar. They could obey no command of any official that would make them untrue to God or to His commandments. They refused any work that might connect them with the degrading shows and features and craft of that day.

If a slave became a Christian, he had to risk the whip, the dungeon, heavy labor in the quarries, and death itself rather than comply with many of the demands made upon him. Obedience to Christ forbade the Christian to take part in the evil and suggestive pleasures of Rome. They were bound, by their very faith in Christ, to be honest in their occupations, to please God in all the details of daily life. The Christian would not indulge in questionable amusements.

Their concern was for the success and triumph of the cause of Christ. They feared lest evil should overcome the truth. They abstained from every species of wickedness that put the gospel in a bad light.

Christians in every age are to bind themselves to that which is pleasing and acceptable to God. The influence of our faith must enlighten, sanctify, and purify life.

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