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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Witnesses Unto Me JUNE 5


But as for you—you may bear the name of Jew. . . . While you take pride in the law, you dishonour God by breaking it. . . . "Because of you the name of God is dishonoured among the Gentiles." Rom. 2:17-24, N.E.B.

Much of the influence of the Jewish leaders, the chosen people of God, became wholly ineffective because by word and deed they profaned and misinterpreted the character of the God they claimed to believe in.

Adventists represent to the world the character of our religion. It follows that we also represent the God who is the founder of that religion. The picture of God in the minds of people has rarely if ever exceeded the quality that has been manifested in His followers. People are more influenced to seek the God we serve if our witness is true to His character of love and mercy as well as to His standards of refinement.

Elijah little realized the unconscious influence he had exercised on the other prophets and also on the seven thousand who had not bowed their knee to Baal. The scepter of righteousness that had ruled his life did not depart from Israel. It was taken up by Elisha and other prophets.

We are all Elijahs in our own little way. Others will follow in the way we go. Are people grateful that we uphold the truth of God? What if our children and our friends felt as Elisha did of Elijah, so that from our witness they would be led to cry: "Where is the God of this Christian mother, father, brother, sister, friend?" Because of our influence and witness, thousands may refuse to bow the knee to Baal.

We see at once the importance of our entire dedication to Christ, to that which is highest and noblest in life. No halfway religion will do. Not merely attending church on Sabbath. Nothing less will do but that we witness to Christ seven days a week.

Can we really expect our friends and loved ones to reach a higher standard in life than we set for ourselves? In every deed, word, and movement, our family and friends have their eyes upon us. If they are saved in the kingdom of God, it may be because they have caught from us some devotion and personal loyalty to Christ, some loving concern. They will smite the waters that stand in their way of becoming Christians and say, "Where is the Lord Jesus Christ of that man or woman of God?"

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