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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Witnesses Unto Me JUNE 2


Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matt. 25:40.

There is need for real Christians who love and live to reconcile others to God. Our religion comes, not as a luxury, but as a power that transforms lives for eternity. Only when our faith has this power will we walk in the streets and in our household as we should.

Are we not the servants of men for Christ's sake? This much is certain. In the kingdom of God we will be able to look around the universe; nothing will be found of our sins, but our loving service for others will endure forever. We will meet those who will say to us, "I am here because you cared about me and loved me. You were hardly aware of what you did." One clay it will be revealed, when you move out into eternity holding by the hand those for whom Christ lived and died.

I have developed grave suspicions of late about some of the ideas and things we have been trying to hold onto. With the fast deterioration of the value of money, our personal savings are hardly worth trying to keep for happy days ahead. One thing is sure to me: to invest everything we have in the kingdom of God, retaining just enough to live on, is worth trying. Giving our money, time, effort, and ourselves to get people to join us on the last trip to the New Jerusalem has a great deal in its favor. This is the way we feel about our loved ones. We cannot think of a future without them. There is little else that is more important in life.

In the communities where we live, people really need us. This is not a matter of pressuring ourselves to do what is difficult and distasteful. We offer men and women new life, eternal life through Jesus Christ. All the sacrifice Christ made in order to come face to face with individuals He never considered wasted—the woman of Samaria at the well, the woman taken in adultery, the little children who ran to Him. Jesus never left a solitary soul with the impression that he or she did not amount to much, or that He had more important things to do. It is no use hoping that one of these days something will happen to make Christian living worthwhile. Now is the supreme moment to serve and save others.

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