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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Christian Obedience JULY 25


But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine. Titus 2:1.

A religion without distinctive beliefs is a religion without backbone. A religion without the truths of the Bible is a religion without salvation. People want to be stirred, to be moved. But the stirring of emotions is not enough. We must have a definite form of truth that is clear to the mind.

The realm of faith is not apart from the realm of the best and the clearest thinking on the great truths of the Bible. Faith involves our whole personality. Any appeal for faith remains futile unless it involves the free activity of the mind. Were our faith less than this, there would be no way of knowing whether our religious experience is based on truth or error. Biblical faith comes from the Word of God. The personal understanding of God's truth, the response of our hearts and minds, are embodied in our faith.

Those who do not wish to think through the teachings of the Bible settle for some feeling in the emotions. It is so convenient. Anyone can use it regardless of what he believes.

This is a day when men perish for lack of knowledge of God's Word and truth. Until this is restored, there can be no genuine revival of true godliness. Not that the diligent study of God's Word reduces religion to a letter of the law. Rather it is the refusal to commit one's life to obey the truth. We are to love God with all our minds as well as with our hearts.

There are Christians who fear to bring their minds to bear upon the whole truth of the Word of God lest they should lose their heart experience of God. That reveals a serious misgiving and distrust about their faith. Our deepest love for God and man proceeds from a heart and mind that are instructed in the truth. The greater the experience of love becomes, the deeper and clearer is the knowledge of God and His Word. They love God truly today who gaze upon Him with wide open hearts and minds, who come to understand all that God has revealed of Himself and His will. A religion of feelings and fancies is only for the weaker kinds of people. Men who love the Lord with all their minds and hearts realize supreme satisfaction deep within their lives.

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