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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Christian Obedience JULY 6


The Lord is well pleased for his righteousness' sake; he will magnify the law, and make if honourable. Isa. 42:21.

Christian morality is founded upon the revelation of God at Sinai and the word of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount. Our moral obligation to God is central. Hence the norm for us is Christ, His giving of the law, His exaltation of it. The morality that the Christian faith inspires and demands is never the product of human situations and human experience. Christian morality is always ahead of human progress. It takes into consideration every possible human situation to the end of time.

We need always to be receptive to moral guidance from God and not from man. The free mercy and influence of a loving God exercised toward us in our varying circumstances does not change the moral principles eternal in God. The truth of Christ is to possess and guide our minds and lives. We must maintain the moral law of God pure from all the infiltrations of sinful man, who is at enmity with the law.

The law of heaven should be the law of this world and all the people who live in it. Moral deficiency in all men due to sin is bad enough. But willful departure from the law and rejection is outright opposition to God. Sinful men have an urge to argue against the nature of the moral law rather than to practice it. But no man is wise enough to provide his own moral direction, or powerful enough to obey God's commandments.

We are answerable to God and not to man. We test our lives by God's standard, not by human situations. We cannot have it both ways. When the moral law as God gave it is proclaimed to the world, then men hear the word and the truth from God and not from man.

We seek no continuance or increase of men's guilt and condemnation, but only to show sinners the need for the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. In this way God's law is magnified and made honorable. We cannot know what is good or evil from within ourselves. We can know it only from the Bible. The Ten Commandments are more timely than ever. The law of God is not obsolete and never will be. We have no other God. We worship no other God than the God who gave us the Decalogue.

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