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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Found by God JANUARY 31


Jesus said to him (Zacchaeus), "Salvation has come to this house today! . . . the Son of Man has come to seek and save what is lost." Luke 19:9, 10, N.E.B.

There are many questions we can ask about our faith without asking the main question. It is possible to join the church, to take a willing and cheerful part in its work, and yet fail to understand or to give the primary purpose of the church proper and due consideration. It is possible for the church to occupy itself with social reforms, charities, industries, and all forms of uplift work, and yet overlook the vital principle that underlies all these, which alone can make them effective. It is possible to replace the gospel with such activities. It is possible to achieve improvement in life here, yet have no guarantee for any hope beyond. The main question of all is this: Are men being saved or lost?

The theme of man's salvation from sin runs through all the pages of Scripture. God has organized and directed all the energies of heaven for this one purpose. Moral and spiritual redemption is a real, living, tangible reality in Jesus Christ. There is no limit to the saving power of His righteousness, His abiding love for sinners, and the transformation of our individual lives by His presence. We have the assurance that these things are true and certain, that Jesus Christ can and will save us from sin unto righteousness from day to day.

Is salvation a mere word or a reality? Is Christ really able to make us different persons? Is He able to deliver us from all those defects that are a result of sin and selfishness under which we have suffered and caused anguish to others? Throughout the history of the Christian church, multitudes of believers have testified to the reality of salvation in Christ.

Whatever else we do by way of resolutions toward self-improvement, let us drop all illusions that we can do it on our own. Let us drop all trust in human projects, human support and excuses. Let us surrender ourselves with complete abandon into the arms of God's love and mercy. Let us really and truly desire to be saved from our sins. Let us not put this off.

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