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IN TOUCH WITH GOD   by Edward Heppenstall

Found by God JANUARY 14


The king made a covenant before the Lord to obey him and keep his commandments . . . with all his heart and soul. 2 Kings 23:3, N.E.B.*

This scripture records one of the greatest revivals that took place in the history of ancient Israel. The method by which it occurred is significant: the discovery of the Book of the Law, the reading of it, and the response of obedience to all that was written therein.

The opinion of a well-informed man is more authoritative than that of an ignorant man. The word of a good man has more positive influence than that of a bad man. When it comes to religion, we yield our lives to the highest and most trustworthy authority. Jesus spoke with authority. He is the truth. His word is truth because He gave it. In Him dwelt all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

Today, authority, for the most part, has shifted to the individual's so-called experience of the supernatural. The claim to have made a personal encounter with the divine is becoming increasingly the basis for belief that one has met God. There is an easy access to the spirit world, which tends to make each person feel sufficient in himself.

This type of experience is frequently emphasized at the expense of God's communication to us in His Word. The Word of God is reduced to a place of secondary importance. Many who sincerely seek to follow Jesus Christ are being deceived by an appeal to other people's sensational experiences. They say: "Why does not God come to me this way? I too desire to be turned on." Consequently, doctrines, objective truths, and ideas on religion are said to be inadequate. So people are not satisfied just to read about God. They want to meet Him.

The God of the Bible is the speaking God. He communicates intelligently with us. This is how we are able to communicate with one another, through the medium of language that can be understood. Human thought and language are our only means of apprehending the revealed truths of God. The Holy Spirit makes vital and spiritual the Word of God. First we learn about Him and His truth from the Bible. Then we go on to know Him and obey Him.

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