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IN TOUCH WITH GOD     by Edward Heppenstall

Found by God JANUARY 3


"But if it does not please you to worship the Lord, choose here and now whom you will worship .... But I and my family, we will worship the Lord." Joshua 24:15, N.E.B.

Family worship is the most ancient of all religious practices. That is all the worship Adam and Eve practiced, since they constituted the only family on the earth. Says the Scripture: "Then began men to call upon the name of the Lord" (Gen. 4:26). Family worship must have been the only form of worship addressed to God for a long time, since the earth still remained to be occupied. Only when the number of men and families multiplied did public worship begin. Abraham was a prime example of leading his family in worship. "For I know him, that he will command his children . . . after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment" (chap. 18:19).

Under the leadership of Moses public worship was established in the wilderness. Nevertheless, the children of Israel were counseled to hold family worship.

What real security and happiness a Christian family will find in erecting the family altar, in being united to offer up living sacrifices unto the Lord. In a house where God is forgotten, there exists greater temptations to ill-humor, to impatience, to lack of respect for and honor of parents. How many troubles and tragedies exist in families where God is left out. Domestic piety is a safeguard against so many evils. It encourages confidence and trust in God. When the hour of trial comes, which sooner or later comes to us all, divine strength is ours. We have assurance of God's guidance through every day.

Establish such a worship hour in accordance with your needs as a family. Let there be liberty, not dry routine. Let the Word of God be studied, so that each family member will find divine guidance in his life. You know how to speak to a friend. Why should you not speak to God? He is your greatest and best Friend. Everyone is important to God. Let Christ set the spiritual and moral tone for the day.

Worship is creative. Before God we are not pawns to be pushed about by circumstances or fate. Worship shapes our lives in accordance with God's plan.

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