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IN TOUCH WITH GOD   by Edward Heppenstall

Fellowship With God FEBRUARY 28


For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. Col. 3:3.

The question Who am I? cannot be answered by man outside of Christ. From within our sinful state we are tempted to believe that our true self is the self apart from God. Such a life only distorts and warps our identity.

Therefore man puts total stock in himself. Self is his chief interest and center of reference. His basic loyalty is to himself. The higher the position he occupies, the more important his status, the greater the desire for recognition and the more he exaggerates his own importance.

This exaggerated importance attached to the self is wholly contrary to our Lord and His chosen role as servant. Christ's disciples had trouble with pride and the quest for self-recognition. "Who should be the greatest?" All too many times this question motivated their thinking and actions. Everywhere, this spirit destroys and divides, whether in business, in the church, or in the work of God. The surest way to distort the gospel and make its power of none effect is to seek self-exaltation by means of religion.

To be crucified with Christ is the absolute, final, unconditional end of self-glory and every form of self-worship.

Life is always confronting us with the opportunity to reflect Jesus Christ. The whole adventure of living the Christian life is a continual challenge to die to self and live for Christ. This problem is not solved by human wisdom, but by the power of God. One ounce of turning from self to Christ is far better than a pound or a ton of human strategy. Nothing but a miracle can free us from self-centeredness. But God is used to working miracles of this kind.

Let us accept the challenge of every day to let Christ live His life in and through us. Our personal failure, the discouragement resulting from self-will and pride, this sensitiveness that is always getting hurt—face it with Christ. Life with Christ provides us with a margin of power greater than the self-life. Believe that, in spite of all the past selfishness, you are sure to win. Fashion your life with Him at the center. You cannot lose.

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