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IN TOUCH WITH GOD   by Edward Heppenstall

Fellowship With God FEBRUARY 23


For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him. Col. 2:9, 10.

Whistler, the painter, once remarked that art critics are often artists who have failed. I suppose that this may be true of most of the critics of the Christian religion. But God has not failed. Christians are born of God, not self made. Only God can make a flower. We cannot. Only God can make a real Christian. Only in Christ have we a perfect righteousness, never in ourselves. If we depend on our own ability we must surely fail.

When we turn and commit our lives to Christ an entirely new life begins. To experience new life from God is one thing. To develop a moral personality by our own power is another. To receive the approval of men for our self-styled good living may be considered enough for many people. To share in the life of Christ is the one and only requirement in living the Christian life.

The Christian life is the greatest supernatural adventure known. It requires a clear conviction about Christ as Saviour and Lord, openheartedness to Him, and total commitment. Living the Christian life is always the work of the Holy Spirit. It is something spiritual and supernatural. Living that endures and triumphs is the work of God.

Christ's work in us virtually concerns the whole of our lives, keeping us spiritually prime and vigorous seven days of the week. In the maze of daily activities our energies are frequently dissipated. Keeping spiritually vigorous depends on our daily living with Christ. All the Biblical terms that describe the Christian life are personal. Forgiveness, regeneration, sanctification, justification-all have a personal meaning. They all speak of Christ's work experienced in our lives.

Who will deny that at times the Christian life appears hard to maintain. To meet every situation in life, to fulfill all our duties, to be a loving friend at large to all men, to face and overcome temptation, all this, we are often told, is hard work. I agree that it is. In fact, it is impossible if all this is done apart from the life of Christ in us. Only our Lord is sufficient for these things.

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