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IN TOUCH WITH GOD   by Edward Heppenstall

Fellowship With God FEBRUARY 2


God be thanked, you, who once were slaves of sin, . . . have become slaves of righteousness. Rom. 6:17, 18, N.E.B.

What we are saved for is equally as important as what we are saved from. The Christian experience is not an escape, but life more abundant. We are saved from death in order to live for Christ. We are saved from sin in order to live in righteousness. Life in and with Christ is more significant than the death we are delivered from.

Many are reluctant to talk of works of righteousness because they have the idea that one thereby moves from salvation by grace and is once again "under law." We do not need to put a restraint on works, provided they are the product of our relationship to our Lord and the fruit of the indwelling Spirit.

Furthermore, good works are not ends in themselves. They will not save us. But they are the best evidence that we have experienced Christ, the best recommendation of our faith. The church can be greatly advanced in the community by genuine Christian examples of what it means to follow Christ. Few things avail to inspire others as does a life where the priority is eternal values. The Christian counts in this world to the extent that he is committed to righteousness, to purity, to honesty, and to love for his fellow men.

That we have committed our lives to righteousness is evidenced by the strength and beauty of the moral life we live. The conduct of many professing Christians is less than desirable. That is what might be expected from a vague or misconceived idea of what salvation is. We are so to trust in our righteous God and in His saving grace that we remain completely loyal to Him and hold fast our integrity. Every moral principle of God's law comes to its fulfillment in the life of a true Christian. The purpose of the gospel is to commit us to Christ's righteousness in every way. Every faculty and affection of our natures is delivered from sinful ends. We are transformed and pressed into the glorious service of purity, unselfishness, love, and peace.

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