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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Triumph in Christ DECEMBER 27


And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light. John 3:19.

God Himself will finally agree with the judgment we make in our confrontation with Jesus. The importance of this cannot be overstressed. Judas Iscariot did not really sell Christ for thirty pieces of' silver. He sold himself. The price he set on himself was thirty pieces of silver. In His ultimate judgment, God will agree with the value Judas put on himself.

Never let it be said that God is harsh in His judgments, that He has kept us out of heaven. When Christ met Zacchaeus the crucial moment of the publican's life had come. He knew he was a crook, that he ought not to take money dishonestly, that he ought to set things straight. He must either accept Christ and all He stood for or he must go on selling his soul for money. He chose Christ. God in the final judgment will agree with the choice he made.

Light has been presented on cigarette smoking linking it with cancer. Multitudes of people continue smoking. For those who die of lung cancer, it is preposterous to believe that the revelation causes the penalty of death. People pass judgment on themselves. The laws of health and life corroborate the death sentence.

Men who declare they will not have Jesus Christ to rule over them will find themselves exactly in this situation. One grows a little weary of people who want to talk and smile destiny away, regardless of how they live. Christ was no Pollyanna Saviour, lightly talking away the seriousness of making the right choice.

It matters little what kind of excuse a man wants to make. He can argue that he has been led into the pursuit of wealth and self-indulgence by others. He may tell himself that other people turned him off, that his responsibilities were so great and so all-engaging that he never had any time for Christ. Nevertheless, whatever our choice is, whatever the pattern set, God will agree with it in the judgment. He will not call hate love, dishonesty honesty, disobedience obedience. Whatever category our lives fit into, Christ will agree with it. Now is the time of our visitation.

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