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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Triumph in Christ DECEMBER 21


What is man that thou shouldst remember him, mortal man that thou shouldst care for him? Yet thou hast made him little less than a god, crowning him with glory and honour. Ps. 8:4, 5, N.E.B.

We on this planet have been on a long journey through space for six thousand years. This is a time of great foreboding. How do we adjust ourselves mentally, emotionally, morally, and spiritually, where world dominion is in the hands of sinful men?

We are still confronted with the offer of world dominion, either under God or under Satan. The issue is decisive. Satan has gained dominion over man. He offers man open eyes to everything—science without God, morality without God, art and education without God. What will sinful man do with nuclear power in few years from now? Within twenty-five years, it is expected that more than thirty nations will have harnessed this energy.

All our pollution and destruction are from ourselves and the dominion of sin and Satan. All our salvation is from God. All man's slavery to sin is from Satan. Redemption is from Jesus Christ. All death comes from sin and Satan. Life alone is from God.

Think of our sun, more than eight hundred times greater than all of the planets put together. Think of all that energy burned every day. God has been exploding more hydrogen bombs on the sun than man will ever do on earth. What does God do with all this power in His hands? Under the control of our heavenly Father nuclear energy is nothing to be afraid of. It is no burden to the flowers in the field. It does not crush the lily, of the rose, or the blossoms on the trees. All are indebted to the sun's energy for the continuance of life. It makes them glow. It infuses them with fragrance and beauty. It paints them as no painter on earth can do. It brings them to maturity to bless man and satisfy his needs. The Lord is that kind of God.

The world needs the dominion of Christ, for He alone can save it. Christ wants and loves the world, for He has redeemed it. Who now has dominion over our hearts, Christ or Satan?

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