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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Personal Responsibility August 21


The king should issue a decree . . . that whoever within the next thirty days shall present a petition to any god or man other than the king shall be thrown into the lions' pit . . . . When Daniel learnt that this decree had been issued, he went into his house .... And offered prayers and praise to his God as his custom had always been. Dan. 6:7-10, N.E.B.

"Everybody does it." For many this statement seems sufficient reason for changing their code of morals—some in the areas of sex and purity, others in cheating at school, some in questionable business dealings.

We are committed to following Christ, as was Daniel. We will not permit ourselves to think for one moment of undermining the moral foundation of our character and denying our Lord.

What image do you have of yourself? Is it Christ's image for you or that of someone else? The moral and spiritual problems of young people are multiplied when they raise questions about moral behavior: Why can I not do so and so? What is the harm in it? Is it wrong to go to this worldly place, to engage in questionable practices? Where there is no clear line of demarcation between right and wrong, then departure from personal integrity becomes simple.

No more regrettable thing has occurred in this generation than the popularization of sexual freedom and impurity, the disregard for integrity and honesty. What is customary on the part of "everybody" and what is popular in "our set" often sets the standard of life, although contrary to the clear Word of God.

Furthermore, we must guard against the danger of excesses in sports and worldly pleasures that lead us to believe that the supreme purpose in life is simply to have a good time. One of the strongest factors in deciding the direction of life is exercised by the "gang" to which we belong. They are often the deciding factors in some of life's most critical situations.

The followers of Christ in all ages have been men of Daniel's character. The glorious privilege of keeping company with Daniel, Joseph, and the apostle Paul should be coveted by every follower of our Lord. We must be prepared to stand and win for Christ without the help of the crowd.

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