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IN TOUCH WITH GOD    by Edward Heppenstall

Personal Responsibility August 18


But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise. Matt. 22:5.

In the parable Christ calls us to the marriage feast to fellowship with Himself. He is speaking here particularly of the Jews and their attitude toward God's sending His Son with a divine invitation to oneness with Himself and His Son. They showed their indifference to Jesus and refused to accept Him. The King then ordered the invitation to be given to all those on the highways and byways.

More souls are lost through neglect and indifference than by outright rebellion against God. From our way of life there often comes a complacency that lulls the mind and erodes the will away front a continued effort to grow and achieve spiritually. We can so insulate ourselves by indifference that we are no longer interested in any new incoming of the Holy Spirit.

Making fun of religion is part of the spirit of our age. Sports inspire its, business grips us, pleasures fascinate and charm us. But the salvation of men—why get worked up about that? Indifference casts Christ's invitation into the wastepaper basket. Indifference dismisses Christ politely. There is no greater sin than to reduce Christ's work of redemption to a matter of convenience, or of personal taste.

The whole message of the Bible and the life of Christ is opposed to this light and easy, lilting way of life. Life is more than chasing will-o'-the-wisps. Christian living means a sense of seriousness about life—clear, deep thinking on things that really matter, a deep purposeful living for God. Actions, deeds, are the true indication of how far we wish to get involved.

If our Lord had been satisfied simply with an easy use of His name, most people would have gone home from hearing His teachings in high spirits and on good terms with themselves. Our Lord knew human nature. Religionists could be men of profession without being strictly men of action.

Nothing will help us by way of Christ that has not been made genuinely our own-our own in this sense, that we mean it with all the purpose, intensity, and consistency of heart and life, whether others mean it or not.

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