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by Roy Gane


"Altar Call is the most exciting, thought provoking, and inspiring book I've read since Philip Yancey's The Jesus I Never Knew." Ed Christian, Assistant Professor of English and Bible, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

"Altar Call is an AWESOME book! Roy Gane has done a fantastic job of relating the book to a neat story line in real life, and has dealt with very complex issues in a clear and simple format." – Richard M. Davidson, J. N. Andrews Professor of Old Testament Interpretation and chairman of the Old Testament Department, Andrews University.

"Roy Gane makes a difficult and controversial topic understandable and interesting." – Jon Paulien, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Andrews University.

"Altar Call packs an enormous amount of detailed information into a very readable package. The short chapters make it user-friendly by breaking the large concepts into easily understandable ideas, and by effectively illustrating the many facets of sanctuary atonement. This will be treasured by all who have longed for a thorough understanding of the sanctuary. Altar Call will provide a great deal of practical help to persons looking for a biblically solid assurance of salvation, as well as to those seeking to understand the relevance of the ancient Hebrew sanctuary to contemporary Christians." – Jerry Moon, Associate Professor of Church History and Associate Editor of Andrews University Seminary Studies, Andrews University.

"Roy Gane has distilled his remarkable erudition on the book of Leviticus into this more popular work that makes the fruits of his research available to the general public." – William H. Shea, Emeritus Associate Director, Biblical Research Institute.