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The 1919 Bible and History Teachers Conference

Selected Materials


Several Bible Conferences have been held by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the purpose of in-depth study of biblical and theological issues.

One significant Bible conference was held in Washington, D.C., during the first three weeks of July 1919, followed immediately by a council for Bible and history teachers which convened until August 1.

Attendance at these meetings was by invitation only, and included members of the General Conference Committee, editors from denominational publishing houses, and bible and history teachers from more than a dozen Adventist colleges.

Among many subjects discussed and issues vigorously debated, was how to relate to perceived problems with the Inspiration of the writings of Ellen White. This subject was considered on July 31 and August 1. The stenographic transcripts of these two meetings are included here.


Materials posted by permission of the Office of Archives and Statistics, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Silver Spring, Maryland.

In the Shadow of the 'Daily': Background and Aftermath of the 1919 SDA Bible and History Teachers' Conference

by Bert Haloviak

An Archives and Statistics Research Paper. The PDF format document (3,279KB) is available online from the General Conference Archives.

Messenger of the Lord.   The Prophetic Ministry of Ellen G. White,  Chapter 38: 1919 Bible Conference/History Teachers Council

by Herbert E. Douglass

Messenger of the Lord was written for the dual purpose of giving "a fresh look at the life and witness of Ellen G. White," and a more "clear understanding of how revelation/inspiration works".  You may read the complete book online at the E.G. White Estate website, or purchase it at any Adventist Book Center or online from ABC Online or .

Proceedings of the 1919 Bible and History Teachers Conference

July 30: The Use of the Spirit of Prophecy In Our Teaching of Bible and History

August 1: Inspiration of the Spirit of Prophecy As Related to The Inspiration of the Bible